5 Minutes with Vie Activist Vibeke Murphy

  • Why is Vie Active one of your top choices for active wear? Vie active is my top choice for active wear because it looks great, feels amazing against my skin and performs incredibly well during the most intense training sessions, therefore make me feel great when wearing it. Vie active is made of merino wool so it breathes, wicks away the sweat and keeps me feeling fresh.
  • What are the benefits of wearing this range when training? The benefits of wearing vie active wear are that it looks super sexy, breathes, and works hard to keep you fresh when you are being active.  Vie active wear breathes because it is made of merino wool. Merino wool is a super effective technical fabric that wicks away the sweat to help keep you feeling fresh during workouts and it maintains its shape wash after wash so that you look super slick workout after workout.
  • How does this enhance your workout? and post workout? There is nothing worse that doing an intense workout and wearing synthetic fabrics that hold onto your sweat. You end up feeling smelly and wanting to run to the nearest shower. When I wear vie active I feel and smell fresh before, during and after training. I can finish the most intense run and slip on my foundation jacket and know that it breathes so I'll stay looking and feeling fresh. I can head straight from the gym to brunch confident in that I am looking super fashionable too!
  • How does wearing the range make you feel? I love wearing vie active wear because it is super comfortable, functional and super sexy. I always feel confident when I wear anything from the range because it looks amazing, and I can move freely. It's perfect for my active life!
  • What are your favourite pieces from the range? My favourite piece from the range is the Noa foundation jacket (it looks incredible, stays fresh and keeps me cosy and warm).  I also have the Viv grey and animal print t on high rotation (I love the super snug fit, the breathable merino fabric, as well as the sexy animal capped sleeves) it's such a versatile piece as I can wear it working out or as a sexy Tshirt with jeans.


  • Sunrise or sunset workout? Which do you prefer? Morning exerciser. When I exercise in the morning it sets me up for the rest of the day. It makes me feel revitalised, alive and happy!
  • Typical workout: Nothing beats a soft sand run followed by a dip in the ocean first thing in the morning! However variety is the spice of life and the same applies to exercise that I do. I try to do a combination of pilates, barre attack, sand running, weights, spin, walking, and yoga each week.
  • Typical breakfast: Porridge with natural yoghurt almonds and berries.
  • What’s your ultimate healthy meal? I love Japanese food. Salmon Sashimi, miso soup, a wakame salad and brown rice on the side.
  • What are your makeup must-haves? YSL touché éclat- it’s light and it conceals any sign of dark circles in a flash! Mecca SPF 30 Sunscreen and Christian Dior mascara.
  • What’s always in your gymbag? A clean towels, water, deodorant and hair bands.
  • Best active holiday you’ve ever taken: Snowboarding in Japan. The combination of the alpine air and the physicality of the sport is truly exhilarating. The hot spring onsens are an amazing way to relax those worked muscles after a day on the slopes. It goes without saying that the Japanese food was healthy and delicious!
  • What totally relaxes you? A warm bath at the end of the day.
  • What is your biggest vice? Honey, cinnamon yoghurt, it’s creamy, sweet and delicious.
  • What was the last thing you recommended to a friend? Barre Attack. It’s a pilates, dance, and cardio fusion. It’s fun and it works!
  • What’s always in your fridge? Jalna biodynamic natural yoghurt
  • What would we be surprised to find in your fridge: Chocolate milk. It is suppose to be a great post workout recovery drink... and it is a bit of a treat!
  • Your style icon: Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston. Both women always look comfortable and elegant.
  • Your “health living” hero: My good friend Megan Gale is my healthy icon.  She lives an authentic full life. She loves to prepare and eat organic food and she has a balanced attitude towards exercise. She always remembers to take quite time out for herself to recharge her batteries.
  • The wardrobe item you can’t live without: Jbrand black jeggings
  • The book on your bedside table right now: Andre Agassi Open
  • Three things on your bucket list: Live in Italy, Climb Mount Kilimajaro, Travel to Turkey
  • Your latest obsession: Barre Attack
  • Number one reason for living an active life: It makes me feel good.
  • Message you’d send to the world: By living a healthy, authentic, active life you’ll naturally be more energised and positive within yourself. The more energised and positive you feel the more you’ll be able to share good love and positivity with those around you. Live each day with gratitude and grace.


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