How to fake a shower after a workout

Posted on 29 July 2017


I don’t remember when it was, but there was definitely a distinct line that got drawn in the sand at some point in which the very notion of work-life-balance, just got thrown out the window for me. I find it’s just not realistic to aim for 8 neat hours of work, life and balance and I think you can feel very frustrated and like a failure when you try to strive for it. I very often find myself rushing from one thing to the next and particularly, find that post workout I am running late for the next thing and don’t have time for an outfit change let alone a shower. So I’ve become pretty skilled at ‘faking’ a shower after a workout.

Here’s how:

  1. Dry yourself off with your hand towel and also paper towels (if you are particularly sweaty!) Pat yourself dry, then wipe down your face and all your bits face wipes. I like to also wash my underarms with soap and water at the bathroom sink. I call this a bird bath!
  2. Once you are clean and dry, apply a good quality deodorant. I prefer cream based deodorant sticks. A spritz of some light fresh fragrance also works to fake that fresh-out-of-the-shower scent.
  3. Any number of 'dos can disguise your greasy tresses. I like an ultra tight ‘sleek’ high bun or high ponytail, regular braids or the perennial favorite a messy bun. My fine, straight haired friends also swear by a spritz of some dry shampoo in their hair to absorb excess oils and moisture. They say, after a couple sprays and a few brushes, your hair will look freshly styled.
  4. Since you haven’t had a chance to properly cleanse your face, it’s essential to keep your makeup minimal to avoid clogging your skin and ending up with a breakout. I like to just use cheek and lip tint (it’s nice on your eyelids too) and a swipe of mascara to make my face look fresh even if the rest of me isn't.
  5. Obviously, if you don’t have time for an outfit change or a shower, you need to make sure your workout clothes are anti-microbial, odour resistant and quick-drying too.

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