Burnout And How To Avoid It: Alexa Towersey

Posted on 09 August 2016

 Alexa's look here!

If you have lost your motivation for training, feel like you're running on empty, have stopped progressing in your workouts, or are consistently getting small injuries that aren't fixing, then it's probably time to back off. My top tips for avoiding physical and psychological burnout are:

1. Learn to go hard on your hard days and easy on your easy days, and try and avoid the "junk miles" in between that have no specific purpose outside of just ticking the "I trained today" box. These days can do more harm than good in the long run.

2. Schedule in a deload week. Deload weeks are important. They allow you to reignite your motivation, rest or address any niggles you might have developed and break through training plateaus. Deload weeks are more often used during athletic programming, or when training is typically heavy in volume. Whilst this isn't usually the case for beginners, it is always important to reiterate from the start that recovery is just as important as training itself. I often schedule mine every fourth week in an extended training program, and all it means is that I might drop the weight, reduce the volume or switch up my exercise selection.

3. Schedule in recovery. It's just as important as training, even not more so, especially as we get older. I liken your body to a bank balance. Every training session is a withdrawal. Every recovery session is a deposit. If you're always training and withdrawing and never recovering or depositing, then eventually you'll end up overdrawn and injured. Recovery practices include foam rolling, massage, acupuncture, infra red saunas, contrast showers, ice baths, Epsom salts baths and walking.

4. Learn to listen to you me body. Let go of the emotional attachment to eating less and training more, as your go-to strategy for fatloss. I can honestly tell you that the way I train now in my 30's is far different from how I trained in my 20's. I used to respond really well to high volume, high intensity training all the time, but now I stay happier, healthier and leaner when I train less, train smarter and focus on stress management.

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