Talking Fitness, Fashion, and Being Flawsome with Libby Babet & Danielle Pascente

Posted on 11 March 2016

We're sitting down with two women who know how to make us break a sweat (with a smile!) and are the ultimate definition of girl power! Danielle Pascente, LA Personal Trainer and Sports Model, and Libby Babet, Founder of the BUF Girls and fitness expert for Women's Fitness Magazine, talk us through picking the perfect fitness outfit and when they feel the most Flawsome.


Libby Babet

Tell us one thing that makes you Flawsome!

I think sometimes people assume that personal trainers have it all together when it comes to their health, toned bodies, and perfectly curated nutrition BUT let me tell you, we're still just experimenting and looking for new ways to stay motivated like you are! What I’m proud of most isn’t my results, but the dedication and commitment I’ve shown throughout my health journey.

What is your favorite team workout and why?

Nothing beats a BUF Girls session at our HQ in Bondi Beach... sand between your toes, sun coming up, pink and blue sky overhead, girls giggling by your side; life is pretty good in those moments!

What fitness trends are you currently obsessing over?

Thanks to the boom in cool activewear (hello Vie Active!), healthy cafes, fun fitness brands and even active vacations, fitness is becoming much more about living a continually active lifestyle rather than 'go hard or go home'.

What do you look for when picking out your favorite workout outfit?

Long pants with subtle but sexy patterns, cool tanks with dropped armholes I can tie up to my waist, and crops with bright fun patterns!

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Danielle Pascente

What is your favorite way to sweat?

I love to mix plyometrics with treadmill sprints. I typically create my own workouts if I didn't take a high intensity class of some sorts. For instance, I might do 10-20 treadmill sprints followed by a plyometric circuit like 20 burpees, 20 lunge jumps, 30 mountain climbers, 20 broad jumps. Come over to my Instagram for a variety of workouts!

What are the benefits of compression in a workout?

I love compression because you can feel every muscle in your body working. It's a second skin to me, so it doesn't move with me or drag me down. It lifts you up, helps with performance, and helps with performance!

When do you feel the most flawsome?

Post workout for sure! Sometimes it can be tough to get in the right head space and crush a workout. When I show up and make it happen, I instantly gain a sense of confidence in myself. These are my "flawsome" moments. When I'm totally drenched in sweat, exhausted, but yet still feel awesome! I always see people taking pre-workout selfies with perfect hair and makeup, and I prefer to be like "Hey, here's me post-workout...looking a HOT MESS, but feeling pretty damn good."

What is your favorite Vie Active style?

At the moment, I am loving the pixel print! All of the new, fun prints are to die for. I always like funky prints because I feel like I'm wearing something that not everyone has. It sets you apart and has people asking, "Where did you get your outfit from?" I love being able to share these new trends with fitness friends and clients because it helps them feel more confident about their workouts when they have a brand new outfit to rock!

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