Pixel & The Dynamic Women Wearing It, Featuring Nichelle Hines and Kate Kendall

Posted on 04 March 2016

We firmly believe that behind every fierce and dynamic pair of tights is an equally fierce and dynamic woman. We're excited to sit down with two incredible women, Nichelle Hines from the famed Cycle House in Los Angeles and Kate Kendall, Yogi and Co-Founder of Flow Athletic in Sydney, Australia, to find out what keeps them moving and what it means to "Be Flawsome" in their eyes.


Nichelle Hines

On a scale from 1-10, how 'Flawsome' are you?

I'm a 10! I think it is really important to be who you are. I say in class all the time that when you are operating at 100%, there is nothing missing. You aren't lying to anyone, and you can walk around and be your true self.

Currently, what is your favorite song to spin to?

Formation by Beyonce! I like what she says, I like what it means, and I like that she talks about power and the power of women.

What advice do you have for someone just starting their fitness journey?

It is important to find something you like to do! I think we focus so much on losing those 5 pounds, but you need to take time to explore a few different workouts and figure out what it is you really enjoy. If you find something you really enjoy, you're going to keep doing it!

What do you love about Vie Active?

I feel like I can go out in these clothes! After I teach, yeah, I'm a little sweaty, but I don't have to change because these clothes are so cute. I can go anywhere in them and feel comfortable!


Kate Kendall

What does being 'Flawsome' mean to you?

It means showing up as yourself everyday, unashamedly.

What completely relaxes you?

A strong yoga class! A soulful tune that touches my soul in just the right way. Savasana: a good shiraz.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

It is always changing! Right now, it's the standing back bend- it makes your whole body "zhing," and it is better than coffee! No joke...

How does Vie Active improve your work and workout?

Vie Active makes me feel pretty stylish....and that counts for a lot when you're trying to look like you know what you're doing! ;)


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