Change is good, by Vie Activist Susan Robinson

Posted on 16 September 2013

Guest Post: Vie Activist Susan Robinson

This summer season has been very different from my 'normal' routine.  Typically, I spend my week days training for bike races that take place every few weekends.  Those workouts would consist of intervals, power, long slow rides, etc. on specific days with tapering taking place on the week of a race.  I would have 'A' races  which my objective was to race strong and hopefully a good finish while other races were 'B'  used as training in order to help peak for an 'A' race.  My summer schedule would be arranged 3 months in advance and the season would fly by.

I began to realize in the past year I no longer was having fun; I felt obligated to ride my bike and I felt like I was missing out on some fun bike rides with friends because it didn't work with my training schedule.  I was becoming unmotivated, cranky and posting poor results due to my half-hearted training.  You get out what you put in, right?

I made the decision to quit racing in June.  I had entered a local 2-day multi-stage Enduro race (lift-accessed mountain bike race where you are timed on the downhills) excited at the possibility of having some fun and competing in a different discipline and had a decent 1st day.  However, that evening I contemplated starting the next day…….I didn't enjoy the top half of the 2nd course and this would be the beginning of the 3rd stage and part of the final stage.  

I woke up Sunday morning and had made up my mind.  "I am done" I told my husband to which he said "I've heard that before".  This time was different as I really was done.  Over it.  No more.  And a decision I have had no regret in making.

It's been interesting dealing with the lack of routine but I have had some excellent backcountry rides with friends, some wonderful hikes with my dog and husband, and I love riding my bike again.  The downside is that my fitness is not where it normally is this time of year but I'd like to think change is good both mentally & physically.  This was much needed and I look forward to what inspires me next.

Susan is wearing the Lisa Racerback tank

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