5 easy exercises to improve your core strength!

Posted on 20 August 2013

Guest Post: Vie Activist Vibeke Murphy

Core strength is great for preventing back pain as well as maintaining good posture. Core strength can be improved during any movement that challenges you to maintain perfect posture. Here are 5 effective core exercises that don't take much time or require any equipment. They will not only strengthen and tone your core but also work your arms, legs, back and butt!

  • Plank exercise

Begin in the plank position with forearms and toes on the floor .
The torso remains straight with no sagging or bending .
The head is relaxed.
Work your way up to holding this position for one minute
Repeat several times

  • Side plank exercise

Lay on your side on the floor
Position your elbow under your shoulder
Lift up on the elbow and keep your body stiff from head to toe
Hold this position for 20 secs lower your hips to the ground and repeat 3 more times before switching sides .

  • Push ups

Begin in a plank position with hands and toes ( or knees ) on the floor.
Keep the body straight and pull the abdominals in to spine .
Slowly lower you body down and push back up whilst maintaining a rigid torso .
Repeat 10 times then rest and repeat the set 2 more  times

  • Squats

Stand tall and lift through your spine . Feet should be at least hip width apart . The key to strengthening the core  is to maintain this lift through the spine whilst performing the squat .

  • Bridge

Lay on your back with hands by your side .
Your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, your knees should be above your feet .
Engage abdominals and glutes
Lift your hips to create a straight line from knees to shoulders .
Pull your belly button back into your spine .
This position is held for 20 /30secs .


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