My Day on a Plate: Melissa Ambrosini

Posted on 16 August 2013

GUEST POST:  Melissa Ambrosini from Path to Wellness

Bondi beauty and holistic health & life coach, Mel from Path to Wellness shares what she eats and when plus her favourite green smoothie recipe.

  • 5:30-6am I wake up and head straight to training with my personal trainer Christian Miranda or to a yoga class. I always exercise first thing in the morning that way I can’t make up excuses later in the day for why I shouldn’t go in the afternoon.  
  • 8am I always start my day with warm water, lemon and apple cider vinegar. Then I hit the showers. I dry body brush every morning and cover myself head to toe is coconut oil after my shower.  
  • 9:30am The first thing you eat or drink in the day is the most important as it set off the neurotransmitters for the day. If you start your day with a breakfast high in sugar and carbohydrates you will generally crave that for the rest of the day. I always have a green smoothie or juice packed with vitamin and nutrients.  
  • 1pm Lunch is usually a massive salad with avocado, macadamia nuts, fermented veggies, seeds, steamed broccoli, roasted cauliflower and sometimes some protein such as wild caught fish, red meat or chicken.
  • Afternoon tea – I don't usually snack as I don't get hungry, but if I am ill have an herbal tea like dandelion or rooibos with a teaspoon of creamed coconut in it. I also drink around 3 litres of filtered water a day.
  • 6:30pm Dinner is similar to lunch with some organic meat, a big salad and roasted veggies.
  • For dessert I will usually have an herbal tea or a raw bliss ball but not every night.
  • I shut the kitchen at 7:30pm and try to not eat anything after then so I give my digestive system enough time to digestive my food before bed.
  • I head to bed at 9pm to read, meditate and relax then lights out by 9:30pm.

My favourite smoothie recipe:

  • Handful of kale

    Handful cos lettuce

    Handful spinach

    2 stalks of celery (cut up into bite sizes pieces)

    1 small cucumber (cut up into bite sizes pieces)

    Half lemon (without skin)

    Half lime (without skin)

    Ginger (to taste)

    Teaspoon spirulina

    Filtered water

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