A Tabata Tacfit workout by Ozfit's Lisa Clayton

Posted on 26 July 2013

Guest Post: Vie Activist, Ozfit's Lisa Clayton

Singapore based personal trainer and Ozfit outdoor bootcamp founder, Lisa Clayton is not only a super successful business owner but also a busy mum of three boys (a newborn and twin toddlers!). As such, she's all about time efficiency and that goes for her workouts also. 

I'm really into Tactfit style at the moment – it's the home gym revolution! All the exercises are bodyweight only so you can do it wherever and whenever. Don't be fooled into thinking it's easy though. In fact, its' the style of training the Navy Seals and US Marines use for their training! Its technical and tough but you do it Tabata style.

Here's a 12 minute Tabata style workout of my favourite Tactfit moves:

Do each move for 20 seconds on (intensely) 10 seconds off (rest), repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes per move.

  • Leg Swoop

Co-ordination exercise; works core and leg

A This will build hip mobility for faster direction changes during those Sunday league games. Start with your arms extended and legs bent, as shown.

B Move your left leg out to the right behind your arms. Now move it back behind you, lifting your right leg so it can pass. Repeat with the other leg.

Advanced tip: “Tighten your core as you move your leg back: this makes it easier and hits your lower abs.”


  • Quad Hop Squat

Press-up from squat; targets legs and core

A This one’s a great fat-burner. Start in a deep squat – keep your heels flat on the ground, if possible.

B Hop your feet back to land in a compressed press-up, knees suspended off the floor. Now tense your body and push up explosively to return to position A.

Advanced tip: “Try to keep your elbows facing outwards when in position B for better cushioning.”


  • Tacfit Flow Step

Dynamic lunge; trains core, glutes and legs

A You’ll feel like a ninja performing this move. Place your hands and feet flat with your hips bent at a right angle. Lift your right leg high to form a straight line.

B Bring your leg forwards explosively, placing your foot underneath your shoulders, and extend your arms to the sides like you’re trying to fly. Hold, then repeat to your left.

Advanced tip: “If it’s too difficult, leave your hands on the ground and place your leg between them.”


Read more about Lisa here



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