5 easy ways to improve your posture

Posted on 23 July 2013

Guest Post: Vibeke Murphy from Body Balance Wellness Centre

Practicing good posture is an easy and important way to maintain physical health, Vie Activist and chiropractor, Vibeke Murphy shares some simple tips.

  1. Stand Tall: Stand tall and elongate your body. Imagine that a string is attached to the top of your head and that it is pulling you upwards.
  2. Sit on a Swiss Ball: If your job involves sitting for long periods of time, try sitting on a swiss ball throughout the day. The ball forces you to use good posture and stabilising muscles, because if you don’t, you will roll off the ball.
  3. Stretch: Take the time out to stretch the muscles in your body that get tight from everyday repetitive movements. This helps to prevent imbalances in posture, for instance stretching out across your chest.
  4. Train your muscle to do the work: It is not about building big muscles, rather building muscle memory so that you naturally maintain good posture without feeling fatigued. For instance, roll your shoulders back and down and hold for a few seconds throughout the day, this helps to activate muscles that help give you good posture.
  5. Exercise:
  • Pilates – uses controlled movements to build core strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Yoga - works core muscles, helps to maintain ideal alignment and improves balance.
  • Strength training – helps to improve the antigravity muscles as well as core muscles. These act together to maintain correct posture and alignment. Include squats, lunges and bridges in your workout.

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