My healthy life: Lucky You Cleanse's founder Heidy

Posted on 06 July 2013

Lucky You Cleanse is Sydney's premier producer of fresh pressed, unpasteurized juices made from the finest organic produce on state of the art presses.  Founder Heidy is "lucky" enough to own and run a company that follows her passion – raw, organic, unpasteurized cold pressed juice.  Yum! Here, she dishes on her healthy life, her love of an outdoor lifestyle and her passion for green juices!

What’s your favourite way to stay fit? Run, swim run bondi to bronte  & skiing in Colorado

What’s your style like when you’re working out? Comfortable clothes and awesome Newton running shoes.

What’s your style like when you’re hanging out? Minimalist

Favourite Green Smoothie?  Lots of greens mixed with coconut water.  Out of this world goodness.

As a working mum, and owner of your own business, how do you find balance?  I’m not sure I have … kids are unpredictable so when you think you finally have achieved some form of balance they mix it up on you!

What does living an active life mean to you?  Constant movement –  fresh air – living in the “now”

What are your makeup must-haves? None, I don’t wear any!!  But, I always have my sugar plum tinted lip balm by FRESH near by!

What’s always in your gymbag? Nothing, I don’t have a gym bag.  I always exercise outdoors so I wear what I need! 

What totally relaxes you? Um, not sure I’m ever totally relaxed!

What’s your biggest vice?  Don’t have one … very boring!

What was the last thing you recommended to a friend? Drink green juice.

What’s always in your fridge? Lots of green juice

Your style icon: Not sure I have one, but I love clothes by Madewell and J. CREW.

The book on your bedside table right now:  None, after exercise, work and family I’m asleep when my head hits the pillow.  One of my favourites was Born to Run.

Three things on your bucket list: I still need to put that together!

Your latest obsession: my juice factory.

Advice you’d give to someone just starting on their juice/smoothie journey? Incorporate living juice into your daily routine, slow sustainable change.


About LYC:

The LYC method gently extracts the juice, resulting in minimal oxidation while retaining all the nutrients and vital elements.  This fresh pressed method is superior to any other form of extraction for taste and nutritional value.  LYC juice is bottled in glass to maintain freshness and significant health benefits for up to 3 days. LYC juice cleanse programs are created to release accumulated toxins, rejuvenate the cells in the body, and to nourish and strengthen the soul.  Choose a 1-6 day cleanse or choose from a selection of 7 different juice packs to supplement your diet and keep you on track this winter.
LYC prepares in a temperature controlled production facility and transports by way of refrigerated vehicles.  They now offer delivery on Monday through Friday with 3 delivery time options: Unit, Work and Home.

Visit their NEW website for easy online ordering and more payment methods accepted

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