Noa's Stress Busting Tips

Posted on 09 September 2015

Work, Family, Friends, Goals, Fitness it is easy to fill up your to dos and feel like you have an endless list of tasks to do which can wreak even more hazard on your health and fitness than skipping a workout or eating a slice of cake.

It can keep you up at night, spike your insulin and cortisol levels and leave you feeling anxious and unable to give everything your all.

But there are simple things you can do to manage your stress levels and get the most out of every situation - just take a cue from our co founder, entrepreneur and mother of two girls, Noa.

Stress Busting Tips

1. Schedule No Negotiable Time With Yourself - So often, we (particularly women) take care of everything and everyone else before ourselves which leaves us feeling depleted. I find scheduling non-negotiable time for myself helps me to feel exponentially less stressed.

2. Find Your Form of Meditation - Meditation is definitely a 'hot topic' of the fitness industry at the moment and it definitely has its benefits especially when it comes to feeling less stressed. However, if you're a type A personality you will probably find it hard to sit still and destress for 15-20 minutes. So find your own form of meditation, I love trail running as I switch off and just focus on where my feet need to go. I also recently got gifted a mindfulness colouring book which is a great way to switch off and de stress.

3. Fresh Air - Nothing beats sitting outside in the sun, a run or a walk for clearing the head and helping you sort through your priorities.


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