How To: Do a Foldover

Posted on 17 August 2015

Elisha Elliot our amazing ambassador and Pilates instructor Elisha Elliot shares her tips on how to perfect the best butt lifting sequence ever - The Foldover.

Xtend Barre Fold Over (aka one of the best butt exercises ever!)

How To:

  • Set up a legs length from the barre
  • fold over so hand palms are resting on the barre with the feet below the hips.
  • It's called fold over for a reason: really try to fold over from the hips and bring the body almost parallel to the floor.
  • Reach the crown of your head to the barre and your tail towards centre floor.

From there, the movements options are endless!

  • Keeping your supporting leg bent, and with that supporting heel on the floor or in releve (risen off the floor) allow your gesture to leg to move: lift it up off the floor straight back behind you as high as your potential.
  • You want to feel you booty burn, but not your back move.
  • Start with full range, tapping the floor, and then move to smaller isolated pulses.
  • Make sure here you're mentally focused on your glutes squeezing and remember that your standing leg (and butt!) will and should be working hard too!
  • Adding a playground ball behind the knees adds extra challenge to the hamstring muscles in order to keep it there, and a little extra weight that your butt has to lift.
  • Hand weights behind the knees work well too.
  • Remember this exercise is all about isolating the leg; so keep your back really strong and straight and feel your abs engage the entire series.
  • Visualise your butt getting rounder, higher and former with every pulse. I do!


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