How To: Do Plyo Lunge Jump On A Step

Posted on 06 August 2015

HIIT Training is definitely having a moment - and we love it! High Intensity Training involves working with maximum effort in short efforts to get high caloric burn and help build strength at the same time. Some of the best exercises for this are Plyometric Moves - or 'Jumping Moves' - think Jumping Lunges, Jump Squats, Burpees etc.
These moves can burn serious calories whilst sculpting the body - but if performed incorrectly there is a high chance of injury. So we have asked our ambassador Lisa Clayton, founder of Oz Fit Bootcamps in Singapore to give us her top tips on how to master the Plyo Lunge.
How To: Plyo lunge on a step
  • Start in a standing position with one foot up on a ledge. Put the weight into that leg and drive up to push off the ground and bring the opposite knee towards the chest.
  • As your knee is coming towards your hip height you hop your standing leg so the foot is off. ( You can use your arms in any way that feels natural to help you get off the ground).
  • Quickly return to your start position by  tapping the foot on the ground again repeat again but always make sure you're putting all the weight into the raised leg.

Find out more about Oz Fit and Lisa here.


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