How To: Master A French Twist

Posted on 21 July 2015

Our Ambassador Heather Dorak - Founder of Pilates Platinum, has put together her favourite core + oblique move from the megaformer that you can try at home!

How to perform a French Twist:

You will need to perform this exercise on a hard surface that is a little slick for sliding. Great examples are a hard wood floor, maybe your kitchen floor, an exercise room, a basketball court, etc.

Also to perform this exercise you will need to get out your gliders. If you do not have gliders then paper plates or hand towels work great.

Begin in a high plank position. Hands and toes on the ground. Gliders under your toes.

Make sure your hips aren’t up too high and that they are in align with the rest of your body.

You should look like a solid straight plank from the side view.

Speaking of solid, your core should be engaged bringing your belly button into your spin with your hands pressing firmly into the ground and your upper back pressing away from the ground.

If someone were to come over and give you a little push on your side you should not move, this is how strong and solid your body should be.

This exercise is going to work each oblique.

  1. To work the right oblique, allow the right sides of your feet to fall to the ground. The whole right side of each foot from toes to ankle should be resting on the ground with your right foot in front of the left, heel to toe.
  2. Begin the exercise by raising your hips into the sky using your core to pull your feel in closer to your hands. Legs should be straight and strong, using your inner thigh muscles to keep them together.
  3. If you are finding your feet difficult to slide, this means too much of your effort is being put on your feet, your feet are not doing the exercise for you, it is your right side aka your oblique that is supposed to be used to pull your hips up.
  4. You should feel a tiny little pinch in your ride side. This is your oblique working.
  5. Once you reached the max height your hips can lift, slowly lower back down into high plank position.
  6. Repeat 10-15 times before moving onto the other side.

For the left side do everything you did on the right except changing the word right to left and follow the instructions.


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