A Core Shaping Workout By Lisa Clayton

Posted on 23 July 2015

Our amazing ambassador Lisa Clayton, Founder of OZFIT Bootcamps in Singapore knows how to fit in a killer workout in a short amount of time. Here is her favourite core series which focuses on strengthening your whole core through a series of planks and then tightening your lower abs.
Try it out!
  • 1 minute plank 
  • 40s side plank x 2 raise leg as an option
  • Pilates 100
  • 60 heel taps
  • 30 leg lifts (each leg) 
  • 30 seconds spider push-ups 
  • 30s superman 
Technique Tips
Plank: For your plank keep your shoulders in line with your wrists and your hands just wider than shoulder width apart. Tuck the pelvis to ensure a straight spine and hold.
Side Plank: Focus on driving your hips up and keeping your body in a straight line. Imagine you have two panes of glass infront and behind you. For an extra challenge raise one leg.
Spiderman Push Up: Definitely one of the more challenging exercises. Start in a push up position and as you lower down bring one leg towards your elbow (think scaling a wall like Spiderman), as you push back up return the leg so you are back in a plank position.

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