Barre Butt Lift Workout

Posted on 21 July 2015

Are you after a toned, taut and perky behind - then this workout is for you! Barre moves are the perfect way to engage local muscles, the tiny muscles you don't usually work and recruit - they are also great for glute activation. Which means - a tighter, more toned and perkier backside.
Our Ambassador and Xtend Barre Instructor Michelle Pearson has put together the perfect booty blasting butt and hamstring series to try!
Butt & Hamstring Blast by Michelle Pearson
This is a simple and effective 10 minute butt and hamstring blast that can be done on or off the barre. Below is a series off the barre that can be done anywhere, anytime and any day! 
Start on one side and then switch and then back to the other side aiming for three sets on each leg. You can add a small soft ball between your calf and your hamstring to make it even more of a blast! 
Set Up 
Start on hands and knees
Draw the belly button into the spine and maintain a neutral spine.  
Keep foot flexed
Keep neutral spine and don't contract the body
Drive down through the hands
Keep shoulders switched on and try not to sink in the upper body
Exercise # 1
Draw knee up so that it is level with the butt and back down so knees are together x 10 repetitions
Exercise # 2
Draw knee up so that it is level with the butt, lower leg is in flexed position, then lift the knee up and back down to butt height position only (not all the way back down to knee to knee position) x 10 repetitions.
Exercise # 3
Draw knee up so that it is level with the butt then squeeze the heel towards the butt and back out x 10 repetitions.

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