Yoga Poses For Strength

Posted on 26 May 2015

Yoga is amazing for your body and mind, not only as a great way to stretch the body and aid recovery but also to help strengthen your body. Here are our favourite strengthening yoga moves.

Wild Thing | Camatkarasana

Benefits: Wild Thing opens up chest, lung, and shoulder areas, as well as the front of the legs and hip flexors. This is a great way to release tight muscles whilst also sculpting your  shoulders and upper back. Squeeze your glutes together for an added butt lift too.

Lord of the Dance | Natarajasana

Benefits: This pose is a great way to stretch the abs, chest and thighs but is also great for improving balance and strengthening the legs and ankles. Our ankles are very important stabilisers and weak ankles can lead to injury, therefore practicing this pose 2-3 times on each leg, each day is a great way work your stabilizing muscles and strengthen your ankles.

Wheel Pose | Upward Bow Pose | Urdhva Dhanurasana

Benefits: This Pose is thought to help increase energy levels and counteract depression. It also helps strengthen your back, hamstrings, glutes and shoulders.  

Head Stand with Eagle Legs | Garudasana in Sirasana

Benefits: This pose strengthens your entire core - front and back and strengthens your arms, legs and spine. It is a great way to lubricate the discs between your spine and to promote postural health.

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