The Founders of Sakara Life share their top nutrition tips

Posted on 18 May 2015


1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to where you are? 

Danielle – I was pre-med in college (growing up I actually wanted to be a witch, so I’ve known I wanted to be a healer in one way or another from a very young age!). While in school I was modeling and acting in NYC and struggling a lot with my body image. I was completely disconnected from my body and could only see food as the enemy. My experience hating my body, seeing how this impacted every other arena of my life, inspired me to go to nutrition school and create a food system that empowered me – and, most importantly others, to make loving, healthy choices a lifestyle, not a diet. Learning how to love my food and love my body changed my life, and it all started with reestablishing those connections to both. 

Whitney – I worked on Wall Street post-college where I quickly learned that maintaining my healthy Sedona lifestyle was not going to be so easy with the constant stress, late hours post-work happy hours, and constant cupcakes…Danielle started helping me try to regain bits and pieces of my healthy habits and I started realizing how much I loved helping the people in my office get healthy. Once Danielle and I co-created a food system that healed both of us inside and out, we knew we had to share it. 

2. What do you think makes you strong (mentally, physically etc.)? 

Whitney – So much of our strength in life comes from our thoughts. Trying to change is one of the hardest battles we will encounter, and many people run away from change instinctively, but actually embracing and welcoming in that change is what allows you to grow. Sakara means the manifestation of thoughts to things, and we help our clients initiate all change and all growth in their minds. A strong mind paves the way for a strong body and a dreamy life.

3. What makes you Flawsome?

Danielle - We talk a lot about feeling sexy - in your body, in your clothes, in your own skin; with the people around you, through the activities you practice, from the food you eat. You can feel your sexiest first thing in the morning —morning breath and bed head included -, drenched in post-gym sweat, or all dolled-up for a night out. The bottom line is this: it’s not about cleavage, skirt length, or that number on the scale, but rather it's about carrying yourself with strength, poise, and an awareness of your unwavering sexiness. 

4. Who inspires you to be strong?

Danielle: The Sakara team. We're 99% women and every day I come into work and learn from them and with them. They are the physical manifestation of my dreams and are helping me create the ones yet to manifest.

Whitney: My mom. She taught me what it meant to be a business woman. 

5.     How do you make each other stronger?

Danielle - Whitney and I both have a huge amount of respect and admiration for each other. I admire her strength, intelligence, and persistence – the girl does not take no for an answer. Our mutual respect for each other does wonders for our trust, both professionally and personally and serves as an indication that our strengths as individuals complement each other's nicely.

7.     How do you think living an active life makes you stronger?

Whitney - Exercise is so good for you- It’s a stress reliever, maintains heart health, improves self confidence, builds muscle (sexy!), and releases endorphins. There’s nothing like the feeling of wellbeing after a challenging sweat session, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyday needs to be spent sweating away on the treadmill. Find unique ways to connect to your body and love your body. If that includes a heart-pumping sweat session then that’s awesome! But if it includes laying down, closing your eyes, resting one hand on your belly and one of your heart, and breathing – your body is going to LOVE you for that.

8.     What role do you think nutrition plays in our wellbeing and feeling strong and happy?

Danielle – Food is information for your body. The nutritional aspect of the food determines what kind of body you can build. When you find a whole food diet that's optimal for you, you learn or re-learn, what it's like to live in your best body... whatever that means for you. 

9.     What are your 3 nutrition tips for feeling stronger and happier?

1) Whitney - Fill your refrigerator with fresh, living, delicious whole foods. Save treats for outside of the house - if it’s in the freezer, you’re not going to get it off your mind. Need some lean + clean snack inspiration? Check out our S-Life Guide to Snacking
2) Danielle -  Snack less. Focus on 3 clean, balanced, easily-digested meals a day, so that your body has some downtime in between meals. Digestion can be a long, taxing stress on your body, taking up the majority of the body’s attention and energy. When you actually give your digestive system a rest, all the major processes of the body become more efficient and, as a result, your body becomes a lean, mean healing machine.
3) Whitney - Make sure that your water is rich in minerals. Cells require electrolytes in order to pick up nutrients, water, and oxygen in your bloodstream, so if you are low in minerals, your cells won’t be fully nourished, healthy, and plump. Our favorite mineral is silica, a trace mineral that is known to make water wetter and provide deep cellular hydration for your body. It also helps your body form healthy connective tissue, so while it's hydrating your skin from the inside out. Think: Sakara Beauty Water! It has all the minerals (including silica!) your body needs and your skin craves.

10.   Can you share your favourite recipe at the moment?

Danielle: Are we allowed to say a cocktail? It’s summer! Plus this cocktail has spirulina in it! We’re allllll about the balance.

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