STRONGER Workout by Libby Babet

Posted on 11 May 2015

There are so many kinds of strength training you can do, depending on the  outcome you want to achieve and how heavy you’re in the mood to lift!

I love this workout as one of my little go-to “Stronger” sessions when I don’t  want to think too much, or do anything particularly complicated… I just want to train hard with something heavy!

Make sure you warm up properly beforehand, with plenty of gentle movement across multiple planes of motions, then finish your preparation with something more dynamic to get your heart rate up and the blood pumping around your body – I love high knee running, mountain climbers, butt kicks, power skips and crawls.

Now for the workout itself…

This session is based on reps for time and is designed to exhaust your big muscle groups (chest, back, legs) by using heavy weights for 1-minute sets, then working to push fatigued muscles to the limit with a final 30-second bodyweight set immediately after you put down the weights.

You’ll do 3 full sets of each ‘round’ before moving on the the next and because you’re over-training the same muscle group, take at least a 60s rest between sets to allow for muscle recovery time.

Round 1

60s – Dumbbell Bench Press (advanced: use a fitball instead of a bench to work more muscles)

30s – Pushups (as many as you can do, count ‘em out)

Round 2

60s – Dumbbell or Barbell Heavy Squat

30s – Alternate 1 Bodyweight Squat with 1 Squat Jump until time’s up!

Round 3

60s – Heavy Lat Pulldown with Cable Machine OR Dumbbell Standing Back Flies  OR Chin-Ups (take your pick, depending on the equipment you have)

30s – Dumbbell Plank Row

Round 4

60s – Heavy Weighted Hip Raises (lie on floor, with a weighted barbell sitting  over your hips – use a folded towel to cushion your hip bones! Don’t try and lift the barbell on/off your hips, roll it up over your legs each time)

30s – Lunge Jumps


60s Chest-to-Floor Burpees, aiming for 20 reps!

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