Posted on 28 April 2015

We met Annabel from at International Women's day this year. She was absolutely FLAWSOME and we wanted to share her perspective on being FLAWSOME with you - as well as some helpful insights about break ups, moving cities and her current woman crush!

What makes you FLAWSOME?

To me, flawsome is really about owning all the parts of you that make you you. It’s having the balls to tell you that I’m scrappy, pig-headed and often reckless with the same gusto that I’d tell you I’m energetic, creative and loving. Specifically, my FLAWSOME is my ability to dive in to any situation and land on my feet. It’s a great strength but also my weakness. It means that I’m great with change and pivoting on the fly, but it also means I often don’t really think things through and land in hot water!

What’s FLAWSOME about breakups?

Some people will tell you there’s nothing at all awesome about breakups. I put myself in that camp sometimes! But once you’ve got a little distance from it, you then realize it’s a chance to reinvest in you and put all that time, love and energy into becoming the best version of yourself.  That’s a hard lesson to learn, but an immensely powerful one.

What is one of the hardest obstacles you’ve had to overcome and how did you overcome it?

Can I say passing my California driving test?!  I think moving cities is tough. I’ve done that 4 times now. When I get rattled, I remind myself of the worst-case scenario: if it doesn’t work out, Ill just move back. Of course, it always does work out though. In ways far better than you’d imagined!

What has been your great success?

It’s hard to pinpoint one thing, but loving the life you’ve carved out for yourself is a huge success. I love my work with NeverLikedItAnyway and all the strange doors it has opened up; from hosting radio shows, to writing scripts, to managing staff and everything in between! I love the challenges, the independence, the freedom and learnings that come with running your own business and trying things you have no idea how to do! Though some days I feel stuck in an entrepreneurial funk and wonder why I signed up for it, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

What do you still want to accomplish?

I feel really strongly about female entrepreneurs and creating communities and opportunities for us to flaunt what we’ve got! I hope to create a community of kick-ass women here in LA to help us all soar. I’m a firm believer in Shine Theory – when you shine your light on those around you, we all grow brighter.

Who is your ‘FLAWSOME’ inspiration?

We’ve been doing a “Badass Women of History” series on the site and it’s been really eye-opening and brilliant! My latest girl-crush is Cleopatra. She used all her powers, smarts and sexuality to lead the dynasty, rule armies, improve Greek and Egyptian relations and even managed to get her face on the currency.  For all her awesome powers, she was also manipulative and sly, which is a great reminder to keep things in perspective and not to put success above all else. Though it does make for a great story!

How has living an active life empowered you and made you who you are today?

One of the best bits of being an entrepreneur is dictating your own schedule. I figured out pretty early on in my career that I’m useless around 2.30-4. Rather than beat my head at a desk and enter a down-ward spiral of unproductivity, I now use that time to go for a run, walk or something else. It clears out all the cobwebs, energizes me and often helps me solve whatever I was grappling with when I left my desk.


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