Posted on 13 April 2015

The great debate - should you train in the morning or at night. Cassey Miller, Head Trainer at BUF shows us why night time training may be more efficient than training in the morning.

Training in the morning does have its benefits - you can workout fasted and drink your pre workout coffee burning through all the cortisol before it is stored as fat. It also means that you have finished your workout before you've even had breakfast, so there is no time for excuses later in the day.

However, if you've reach a plateau or are definitely not a morning person don't stress - working out in the evening could be perfect for your goals.


  • De-stress...A great way to unwind from a busy work day and get yourself ready for a restful sleep. By de stressing at the end of the day you release endorphins and reduce cortisol which means you are more efficient at fat burning while you sleep.

  •  Full benefits...There will be no excuses to leave the session early because you should have no work commitments in the evening. You might even get an extra calorie burn or stretch!

  • Ready to go... The body temperature peaks in the evening so your muscles will be warm and ready to go hard! This is key to pushing past your plateau - while your diet and exercise may be on point if you aren't seeing the results you're after you might not be pushing yourself hard enough in the morning. Working out in the evening will help you push a little harder.

  • You WILL do it..... No snooze button to press in the evening so that means no excuses. And don't use the tired after work excuse, after a few minutes your body will be alert and ready to go!

So are you ready for an evening workout?

Join the BUFgirls Monday- Thursday evenings in Bondi at 6.45pm for a workout... 

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