The 5 Workout Moves You Should Be Doing

Posted on 13 April 2015

Think you have your squats, lunges, push ups, planks and rows mastered? Think again! Gymnast, PT and fitness expert Lauren Hannaford takes us through the workout moves you should be doing.


We all know the wonderful benefits of squats and why we love doing them, to get those glutes looking and feeling fab. Adding a front kick to our squats switches on those abdominals as well to make this exercise that bit more amazing! Try 20-30 reps.


Incorporating a jump into your lunges really helps kick up your plyometric strength another notch. Power from the bottom of your lunge to launch yourself into the air and switch your feet so you land back into a lunge on the other leg safely. Keep your chest up and toes facing forwards. Try 15-20 reps.


Make a tunnel shape with your body pushing your body weight through the balls of your feet so your weight is over your shoulder’s and your shoulder’s are on top of your wrists. Turn your hands inwards so your elbows go outwards.
This style of push up really helps create extra resistance through your own bodyweight and helps strengthen your shoulders. Try 20 reps.


Start in a front support (plank) drawing your belly button in and squeezing your bottom. Try and keep your body as still as you can and drop one elbow to the ground at a time so you end up in an elbow support (elbow plank) then do the same thing on the way back up into front support. Repeat 10 times, do 5 dropping your right arm first then 5 dropping the left arm first.


Start on your knees and make a right angle with your hands on your right side first. Make sure your right fingers are facing forwards, then almost connect your left fingers to your right fingers at a right angle.
Extend your body out so you are in a side support (side plank)

Push your left side towards the ceiling as best you can and disperse the weight over both arms evenly to do a push up. Try for 5 reps each side to begin with.

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