The Ultimate Cross Training Workout

Posted on 08 April 2015

Are you Cross training? Alex Curtis has already emphasized the importance of workout variety (find out more) but there can be even more benefit in getting variety in one workout. Fusion workouts have become increasingly popular over the last few years with Yoga and Spin, Pilates and Boxing among others popping up due to their ability to incorporate both strength and cardio aspects to a workout.

But we think we have found the ultimate fusion workout at Studio Metamorphosis - Spin x Megaformer - we've never been more excited but scared for a workout in our lives!

Studio Metamorphosis offers a Ride and Shred Class which combines Shred aka The Megaformer with Ride aka Spin.

If you haven't tried a Megaformer before you are in for a treat! These machines (we can only describe them as the big, nasty sister of Reformer Machines) help fire up your metabolism, increase cardiovascular strength, build lean muscle and improve flexibility - they sound like a wonder machine right?!

This component of the class will help you develop the long, lean and toned body you've been after.

Then you get on the bike and ride, this works your cardiovascular endurance, burns serious calories and makes the after burn effect of the Megaformer workout even stronger - now that's a super workout!!


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