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Posted on 23 March 2015

This week, we went boxing! We can't deny that we like to keep on tabs on how everyone from athletes to celebs to Victoria's Secret Models stay fit and we have noticed that a lot of sweat professionals (especially the Victoria's Secret Models) swear by boxing to keep them toned and tight - so we had to try it. But first we had some questions for Box N Burn founder Tony Jeffries.

  • Why do you think so many actors and models are drawn to boxing as a way to stay fit?
  • Boxing is the best full body work out there is, and it never gets boring like other works outs do as your always improving, learning new combo's and faster and punching harder, and can see your progression each session.
  • Your class is the first to incorporate a conditioning circuit what is the importance of this?
  • As a boxer it's important to do both strength & conditioning sessions but usually at different times to your boxing workouts. We are not training fighters and understand people can't train twice a day so we add it all in one session, you're doing what a professional boxer would do in 2 sessions compressed into 1, which gives you the perfect full body workout, working every major muscle on your body and burning a ton of calories.
  • Besides learning our punches what other strengths do you need to become a boxer?
  • To become an actual boxer you need to be mentally strong, determined and have a big heart, boxing is the toughest sport in the world, I would say you have also got to have a bit of crazy in your head to want to get punched in the face. 
    At Box'N Burn we use the motto "Get Fit Without Getting Hit" as it's non-contact , and anyone any age can do the workouts, my business partner Kevan trains a 75 year old lady who's doing great & a hand full of my clients are older than 50.
  • What other classes pair well with regular boxing classes?
  • Yoga is a good match with Boxing training, its always good to stretch the full body out and also Yoga helps strengthen the core even more, some of the top professional boxers in the UK, one of whom who is my good friend swears by doing hot yoga once a week, also swimming is great too  - a full body workout and great for stamina.

Workout: Box n Burn

Can only be described as:

Whether you box all the time or have never been before we guarantee you’ll a. get an amazing workout b. feel like maybe you could take on Muhmmad Ali.

The class has three components – conditioning, one on one and boxing bags. Each component is timed in 3 minute rounds just like a fight (yes fights are 3 minutes long – don’t you feel like a professional already).

The conditioning circuit is comprises of 6 stations designed to improve strength, coordination, agility and stamina all the basics for a good fighter.

The one on one round will let you go one on one with one of the trainers. Here you practice speed and your combinations – hooks, upper cuts etc.

The Boxing Bag round lets you practice technique and/or get your heart rate up – take everything you learnt in the one on one and go hard out on the bag.

A perfect workout for:

Someone who wants a super efficient workout that burns fat, strengthens your muscles and gives you practical (defense) skills.

Also great for someone who can only workout 2-3 times a week as it works your core, endurance, aerobic capacity and strength – perfect all in one – just add stretching.

Workout Essentials:

Boxing Gloves


Lori Sports Bra

Tessa Tights

Teresa Tee

Life Water Bottle

Our Favourite Move:

Hooks – They work your legs, arms and obliques – perfect for sculpted sides.

Our Favourite Instructors:


Ok for guys or just for the girls:

Definitely guy friendly – this is a hard core workout!


Hip Hop

Fun Factor

(1- We were watching the clock, 5- We want to do this everyday!)

Intensity Factor

(1- We could chat to our neighbour, 5- We might throw up)

Sweat Factor

(1- no shower needed, 5- I might need 3 showers and a fan all day)

Afterwards we felt….

Strong, confident and ready to take on the world.

Other Notes:

  • Boxing gloves are $4 so if you have some bring your own
  • Your first class is free (gloves too)
  • No Showers
  • Parking is free


One of our favourites - make sure you give it a go, you'll probably run into someone in our team at the class (Just look out for leopard)


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