Lisa Clayton - What Makes Me FLAWSOME

Posted on 09 March 2015

Our Ambassador Lisa Clayton, Founder of Oz Fit Singapore talks about what makes her FLAWSOME - As we celebrate being Imperfectly Perfect this March.

What makes you FLAWSOME?

Being a mother and an entrepreneur at the same time means I just always have to do my best and my days are never going to be perfect and I absolutely will not please everyone. Days are madly chaotic: kids climbing up limbs, raising blood pressures, multi tasking- I am rushing everywhere, I eat on the go or standing up a lot, my car stinks, I reply to emails way to fast to get it done, the kids fight, I don't finish tasks, my work desk has piles of papers I haven't filed away for months, I set goals and don't always get to finish them and I have poor posture. For me, I think its so important to be yourself. Let people see the real you, the imperfections, the quirky side, the fun side, your likes and your dislikes. Life is hard and Mothers are not perfect but they never fail at love. Even when you pour your heart and soul into something there will never be perfect days. I have accepted there will be days where nothing goes right but they will always be made better with laughter.

What is one of the hardest obstacles you’ve had to overcome and how did you overcome it?

"You can't stumble over something that's behind you if you are always going forward." Each day you are learning and each day you are growing. We all have setbacks but challenges are what makes life interesting but overcoming them is what makes it meaningful as it helps you realise what's made it so important. Years ago I never had a vision. I was careless, I was disconnected and rebellious. It all changed when I realised some things in life aren't meant to stay. Change is what I really needed and I hadn't found something which made me, be the true me and something I could celebrate.


What has been your great success?

Living a dream of having a familly and sharing my passions but actually loving what I do. I have to pinch myself sometimes and feel so incredibly blessed to run the biggest outdoor fitness training business in Singapore with the most amazing community and team whilst raising 3 healthy boys. I used to struggle to come to terms with the idea of the sucess and I was told the reason I was so shy about the success was because it was never my plan to be successful. I didn't start out with a to do list, it grew organically and through word of mouth therefore I never got to 'cross it off' my goals and feel that sense of satisfaction because I had gotten to where I wanted to be. I'm a big believer in personal responsibility.  Where I am today is through a belief in hard work and having integrity and being completely dedicated.

What is your greatest fear?

I am an optimistic person!!! Fear is a negative energy that only attracts things you fear. I don't fear anything, but I worry about my children's future.

What do you still want to accomplish?

Professionally nothing, Ive done more than I ever could have imagined  (throw me a TV Presenting gig though and I'd jump at it!!) but family wise-everything. I want to go on adventures with them and their families, I want to be the one person they can't live without talking to everyday. I'd love know that I've guided them patiently through life and given them every opportunity to be the best version of them.

Who is your ‘FLAWSOME’ inspiration?

I honestly am not inspired by just 1 person. I think anyone who can understand the pressures of motherhood and run a business with heart and soul is my kind of lady. No one is doing it effortlessly. Its a tough, tough journey.


How has living an active life empowered you and made you who you are today? 

I honestly can't even explain how much being active means to me but how much I actually love it, not because it's my job. We have so much going on in our lives so it's important to do what you can but don't get caught up in perfection. I love my healthy but I love my wine and champagne equally, my nights out. When I'm active I feel balanced and happy and feeling balanced means I've got energy and I feel confident.

Lisa Xx

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