A Sweat Professional's Day In Melbourne by Debbie Gluck

Posted on 23 January 2015

Recently we caught up with Melbourne based PT and Vie Active Ambassador Debbie Gluck to help us decode the best healthy places to eat in Melbourne!! She also shared a cheeky workout and her tips for staying fit and healthy in the New Year.
So firstly, Melbourne has a massive foodie culture and that means there must be some pretty amazing places to grab some healthy treats and fresh meals - where are the top healthy hangouts we should check out while in Melbourne.
Debbie's Favourites
Combi - one of my favourites for raw treats and smoothies - the cakes are amazing!! And there's always something new - this is the perfect place to catch up with girlfriends or introduce a friend to the 'healthy' side.
Aunt Maggies - Pick up all your healthy food essentials, snacks for the day and then grab a juice at the juice bar - the perfect healthy morning outing
Glo Health - Glo health can be your one stop shop with a cafe, grocery and clinic you can come in for your morning massage and leave with organic treats - perfect for the weekend.
Mr. Hubbard - Fresh, fast, whole eating is their motto - so you know you'll find something you love. I recommend the Vietnamese chicken coleslaw or the chia pudding.
We also got chatting to Debbie about fitness (she is a PT after all), and we know that raw treats have calories too - so as a bit of a functional training and interval training expert we asked Debbie to give us the low down on HIIT and share a workout too.
Why she loves HIIT
High Intensity Interval training in my opinion is the key to training & results. To improve fitness, assist in weight loss & build lean muscle your body needs to be shocked. In HIIT, every session is different; using full body movements it's sure to get you results. Additionally, workouts can be quick & effective without having to spend hours in the gym. 
Debbie's Workout
5 Rounds
20 squats with shoulder press
10 push ups
20 Lunge jumps
10 Kettle Bell Swings
20 Burpees
10 Russian twists
And then to finish off, as I know we're all thinking about the year ahead.
What are your top 5 tips for staying fit in the New Year?
  • 1. Plan your workouts! Even during a busy period, assess your week and plan in advance when you can fit them in!
  • 2. Try add an extra session to what you usually do, just to avoid gaining extra weight over a busy period of eating & drinking!
  • 3. Drink lots of water! If you are going to lots of parties & drinking more alcohol then normal - drink more water!
  • 4. The weather is warm now... leave the car at home & walk!
  • 5. On a day where you know you'll indulge in a feast at night, wake up half an hour earlier then you would & smash out a quick, hard HIIT session at home... This will make all the food consumed that night way more enjoyable :)
Enjoy xx

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