Posted on 07 January 2015

Introducing Beatrice Ding, co-owner and operator of CruCycle in Singapore, and fitness extrodinaire. Beatrice teaches classes everyday at her studio, but the Vie Active team were lucky enough to have the chance to interview her and find out about her active lifestyle.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Bebe and I am a 23 year old Aries of Malaysian Chinese descent. Born in LA, I shuffled back and forth between Singapore and LA, where I spent a third of my life.

I currently live in Singapore, where I teach spin classes daily at CruCycle, a spin studio that my siblings and I just opened. CruCycle began just over a year ago. My brother and I were back in Los Angeles and decided to bring some of that Californian health-crazy vibe back to Singapore. I was spoilt for options in LA. I was always seeking out different fitness studios; as well as outdoor workouts. We realized that Singapore had more room to grow in the fitness and health industry! Initially I had no plans to become an instructor myself. However, I decided that it was beneficial for me to experience every role in my own company (I also manage daily operations). And, I figured I was passionate enough about fitness to also teach!

How do you live an active life, what’s your favourite way to stay fit?
For 8 weeks leading up to the Grand Opening of CruCycle, I trained with the other instructors 6 days a week at 6am; we did about 10 sessions per week. Now that we have opened, I still teach spin everyday. Thankfully, we have specially tailored each 50-minute class to include yoga, arms, abs, and dance as well to provide a full body workout. When things start to settle at CruCycle, hopefully I will have time to go back to other things that I also love like hot yoga and tennis, plus hiking and snowboarding when I am back in the States.

What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?
On the weekends I like to try new restaurants: I am a huge foodie and love looking up the newest or best restaurants everywhere I go. I am a huge concert junkie as well so if not a live show I am at a live DJ set! I love being by the beach and swimming but because of my eczema I’ve been advised to stay away from it, sadly. Although, I might appreciate that when I am older! 

What’s your style like when you’re not working out?
I love my job because when I am not teaching or riding in another instructor’s class, I get to wear my workout gear anyway. All. The. Time. I am someone who puts comfort over anything! And my family can definitely vouch for that. When I am not at CruCycle, however, I appreciate mostly a boho or hip hop street style. I’ve been fans of Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen since I was a kid and I still am. I like that they never look too dressed up, effortlessly chic. I also have many sneakers and sometimes I wish I could rock that hip hop street look everywhere.

Tell us about your eating habits?
I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and I also have a HUUUGE appetite – no exaggeration. Luckily I balance between a junk food queen and a health nut.

Breakfast is a protein bar or green juice/smoothie on the go  - I am up at 530am everyday so it is easy while driving. When I do have time, it’s a big breakfast of runny eggs, bacon and mushrooms, or homemade dark chocolate buckini granola with homemade nut milk.

Lunch is light and usually salads, which I genuinely love, or fish as protein. Salmon is my favourite.

Dinner I’ll have vegetables, fish and clear Chinese soup, or a rare steak with sides.

Snacks: Protein bar and bananas, activated nuts, dragonfruit, ThinkThin bars, and coconut water

When my junk food cravings kick in on a cheat day, I’ll choose decadence for breakfast; waffles or pancakes. Lunchtime comes and I would be able to eat an entire pizza by myself. When I go out for dinner (about 2 times a week) I love eating tacos, Chinese food or sushi. Then vegan ice cream for dessert… And maybe a slice of cake or two.

What I avoid: Sodas, sugary drinks and white bread

How do you find balance?
Because I teach at the same gym that I manage, it is quite hard to find a balance since I spend ¾ of my days there. I even shower at CruCycle more than I do at home! Haha. It has been quite tiring honestly, but I keep going because it is driven by passion. We have just opened for business so I know that after a few months when I’ve hired a team of staff I’ll be able to take a breather and practice yoga everyday! I think that would really help. In the meantime, I take my emotions out on the bike.

What does living an active life mean to you?
Living an active life, to me, means pushing your mind and body to its limits, daily. Since I was young, I have always been someone who wanted to do things – Explore, express, create. Being active means get up and GO because time waits for no one. It also means keeping your mind active even if your body isn’t: What can be done? What comes next? What is important and what else am I capable of?

What’s your top workout tactic?
Fresh music. Enough said!

What do you look for in activewear?
I look for comfort, style, support and quality. 

Why is Vie Active your top choice for activewear?
Bold prints!


Sunrise or Sunset workout? Which do you prefer?

Sunrise for an early start to my day

Typical workout?
Hot yoga / spin / circuit / running / resistance / hiking

What’s your ultimate healthy meal?
A salad with: Greens, quinoa, salmon, chopped almonds, cauliflower, pumpkin and avocado

What are your makeup must-haves?
Under-eye concealer, mascara, eyebrow pencil, lip+cheek stain

What’s always in your gym bag?
Extra underwear - Especially when travelling I’ll have 5 extra ha!

Best active holiday you’ve ever taken
Spending 5 days hiking the Himalayan Mountains! We camped out on a different peak each night, then got the chance to be “blessed” by the Dalai Lama on the last day

What relaxes you?

  • MUSIC ON WORLD OFF. Ta-ku, Jhene Aiko, Banks and The xx are top in my chillout playlists.
  • Lavender and Chamomile scented oil dripped onto my pillow

What’s your biggest vice?
Desseeeeert! Aaaaaaah!

What was the last thing you recommended to a friend?
Advice for going to Coachella, my favourite festival!

What’s always in your fridge?
Jugs of water

What would we be surprised to find in your fridge?
About 60 different sauces.

Your style icon?
The Olsen Twins, Rocky Barnes, Angelina Jolie

Your "healthy living" hero?

To me, Tasha Oakley really embodies a healthy lifestyle – Her body is sick.

The wardrobe item you can’t live without?
High top sneakers

The book on your bedside table right now?
The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

Three things on your bucket list:

  • To open a multitude of dog-friendly outdoor cafes and restaurants
  • Give a TED Talk
  • Set up free-of-charge cooking schools in impoverished countries

Your latest obsession:
Dirty chai’s! (Soy chai latte with an espresso shot)

Number one reason for living an active life:
Healthy body, healthy mind

Message you’d send to the world. (Only catch: It has to be 140 characters or less)
Trust the journey even if you don’t understand it. Also, be kind because everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle!

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