Bend it like Bisky - Amanda Bisk shares her fit tips and workout routine

Posted on 05 January 2015

We were lucky enough to catch up with athlete, fitspo, gymnast and #sweatprofessional Amanda Bisk at a recent photoshoot where we got to chat her training style, how she found yoga and what she thinks you should do to meet (and smash!) your goals! xx
You’ve always been fairly active competing in gymnastics when you were younger and then athletics, when you’re not training to compete what does a week’s training look like?
I do something active everyday, I just need to get my body moving because I know how great I feel after.
At the moment I have a quite set little routine from Monday to Friday- I wake up at 6am jog down to the park (sometimes with mum) and I will do a half hour circuit session on body weight exercises and running. Then I stretch or do a bit of my own yoga (between 15-30min depending on time) about 2-3 afternoons in the week I also might workout again (30min) or do a power walk with a friend or play tennis with my boyfriend Adam. I stretch and do some recovery (like foam roller and trigger ball) most nights after dinner while I'm watching TV.
The weekends are my time to have a little less structure. I might go for a skate, bike ride, do a yoga/fitness class at a local studio or play some sport. I also have a complete rest day (usually Sunday) where I just stretch in the evening).
The important thing about my schedule is that it changes to match how I feel. I also am a big fan of keeping my workouts about 30minutes long, short but effective!
And when you’re competing, how does it change?
Currently I am not competing. I retired from pole vault almost 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. I have used the last couple of years to focus on my health and recover from the symptoms. This includes not exercising at all for almost a year and slowly incorporating gentle exercise (yoga) and building up from there. 2014 was the first time I felt I was able to include high intensity training in my workout routine.
You’re obviously very ‘bendy’ from your gymnastic background, do you do regular yoga classes too - when did you start doing yoga?
I stretch and do yoga everyday. Even if it is just 15min. It is the way I tune in and reset my body. I learn't this in 2011 when I started yoga after being diagnosed with CF. I loved it so much I got my yoga teacher qualification and am now a teacher!
We see you’re often leading the Nike run club too, what do you love about running? How long do you usually run? 
Since I have moved back to Perth from Sydney, I have reduced the amount of distance running I do (unfortunately Nike run club don't run here). I have gone back to doing more sprinting which I absolutely love (I usually do a 30min circuit including sprints). I still throw in the occasional long run (about 5km) when I feel like it. I love running in all its forms, so I mix it up all the time. Hill sprints, soft sand running, stair runs, trail running. There is something so free about running. I feel like I'm floating.
Where would you rather workout the beach, the gym or the track? 
The track! The beach is a close second. There is something about the track that just gets me in the zone (I think it's because I relate it back to competing in pole vault) I always have a good session at the track. I sometimes get distracted at the beach and end up doing yoga tricks and swimming :P
Eating well is obviously important for athletic performance too, is there anything you try and eat and anything you try to avoid? 
I think it is so important to keep a healthy relationship with food. This is why I never tell myself I can't have something. I have done so much learning about nutrition over the last four years that whenever I have a meal a really want to give my body as many nutrients as I can. By the time I choose all the good stuff, like heaps of vege's, fruit, whole grains, fish, beans, nuts etc...there's no room for the other stuff! Saying that however, I believe food has such a big influence on our psychological health. It makes me happy! So if I want chips or and ice cream, I will have it. But I am satisfied with a small portion. For me it is not a bad food, it's just a sometimes food. I enjoy it and don't feel I need to overindulge because it's a 'naughty' food and I will never have it again. A huge variety of food is available for us to be enjoyed, just in the right proportions!
What are your tips for someone who wants to improve their fitness?
My number one tip is to understand what you want to achieve and WHY. Whether it be to be able to look after your health by improving your strength and stamina, or a personal goal of running 10km to run in a fun run, to set an example for for family, friends or partner or to even get healthy to keep up with your kids! Write it down, keep it somewhere you will see it every day and don't forget it. That is your motivation and that will drive you everyday to stay on track.
What’s on your Vie Active wishlist?
I LOVE the new white pattern you are releasing!!! The girls at 24/7 lifestyle studio showed me a sneak peak and I AM IN LOVE!!! Definitely that pattern in a crop and shorts! You will have to stay tuned for Feb 2015 if you want to see the Imagination print Amanda loves! xx
Checkout out one of Amanda's favourite workouts here! xx

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