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Posted on 05 December 2014

We recently discovered Bake Mixes and they have become a pantry staple ever since! Whether you're a novice baker or a whiz in the kitchen Gen's mixes make whipping up something healthy in a flash super easy and you can even use her mixes as a base to experiment and try something new too! And with vegan, organic, gluten and nut free options - there is something for every sweet tooth.

Tell us a bit about yourself, why did you start Bake Mixes?
It took me a long time to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up! I always knew that I wanted to work for myself and wanted to create a brand and a community around that. I've always been the girl who makes treats for the office and after taking a pastry chef short course I was certain food was the right direction for me. However I also knew that cooking with such unhealthy ingredients (I have serious food allergies) was not what I wanted to do. After baking a red velvet cake for a friend that was honestly just full of so many rubbish ingredients that I'm surprised I didn't have a heart attack just looking at it, I went through my cupboard, threw out all of the processed and unhealthy ingredients that I had previously used and decided it was time to create a product that gave me a chance to cook whilst also supporting people health. I am very allergic to wheat and dairy so I chose not to include those ingredients in any of my recipes, and I was adamant that my brand be cruelty free so I wrote all of my recipes vegan. I saw a gap in the market for cake mixes that were made from good quality ingredients and I just knew that I could fix that. And voila! Bake was born :)

Is health and fitness important to you? What’s your active life mantra?
Definitely. Being as busy as I am I couldn't get everything done if I didn't respect my health, and after having painful surgery to fix issues caused by my allergies I made wellness a top priority. My active life mantra would be that whatever you do, it should be fun. I know that if I have a work out planned that I'm not looking forward to, most likely it won't happen, so i  choose to be active in ways that I enjoy and look forward to!

Bake Mixes are vegan and organic, why was it important to you to have organic ingredients?
There were a few reasons behind the organic, vegan factors of Bake. The most important reason was for the health of my customers. I hated baking cakes for people that were full of sugar and preservatives and that I knew weren't doing their health any favours. I also didn't want Bake to have a negative environmental impact so choosing to use certified organic ingredients meant less environmental harm from pesticides and other nasty chemicals.

What does a usual workout look like for you?
Like I said, I need my workouts to be fun. I am a big lover of reformer pilates and have the best time in the classes. I'm also lucky to live in an area of Melbourne with a TON of hills and beautiful surroundings so going for long walks with my girlfriends is something I love too. Yoga is something I have been interested in for a while and even though it sounds crazy, I love to roll out my yoga mat, put on some hip hop or RnB music (I'm a tragic) and go through yoga sequences in a really fun way. Aside from that, I played netball for a good 8 years when I was younger and I enjoy playing socially with friends now when I can. And when I'm feeling brave a boxing based PT session with my boyfriend (who has done a lot of boxing training) will absolutely kick my butt - i think he enjoys watching me suffer haha!

What’s your favourite post workout snack?
I am a huge fan of an American nutritionist Kimberly Snyder and her signature Glowing Green Smoothie ( makes the perfect post workout snack! Its hydrating, refreshing full of so much amazingness that your body will love you for and tastes great! People at my previous job would tease me when I brought my big jar of green smoothie into the office in the morning and say I was drinking swamp water, but they were the ones missing out!

Do you have a healthy recipe you could share?

Easy Peasy Choc-Banana Nice-Cream:

3 ripe bananas
2 tablespoons coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste/extract/half a vanilla bean (split and scraped)
1 tablespoon raw-cacao powder.

Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth.
Pour into 4 popsicle molds.
Freeze overnight.

What’s your favourite ingredient to cook with any why? any superfoods you swear by?
For savoury dishes i LOVE to add chilli. I am a total chilli freak. I honestly used to be so scared of spicy food but one of besties who I lived with overseas got me hooked. I love chilli to pretty much everything - next time you steam broccoli for a side dish, add a squeeze of lemon and some chilli flakes!
As 3 of my 4 baking mixes probably suggest, I am a chocolate lover and love to use Raw Cacao in tons of my recipes. The fact that it tastes so great and is so good for you makes me really happy!

It’s coming up to the holiday season, do you have any tips for staying healthy during the festive season?
I think we are so lucky in Australia that the festive season is during Summer because we are so spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing fresh produce thats in season! I am all for getting down to your local farmers market (there are so many around now you won't have to go far!) stocking up on the beautiful fresh fruits and veggies and making yourself a big batch of juices and smoothies to have on hand (did you know a lot of green smoothies can be frozen for later?).

What’s on your Vie Active wishlist?
Umm everything?! haha! saying that, I love leopard print more than the Kardashian family so the Rockell tights, Lori sports bra and the amazing yoga mat are my top pics!

Gen xx

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