#SweatProfessional we love - Elise Carver from Little Bantam Fitness

Posted on 07 December 2014

Tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you get into fitness and surfing?
I was a pretty hyperactive child and my local doc wanted to put me on ADD medication but lucky for me my dad decided to take a healthier route and get me into gymnastics and rock climbing so I was exhausted come the end of the day! From there the rest is history, I have just always seemed to lead an active life, focused on being strong. It makes me feel good!
Surfing came afterwards, about 6 years ago when I got a little bored with climbing and wanted to try something more challenging, I really love the peaceful and balanced way of life surfing brings. Much like the ebb and flow of the ocean and tides. How cheesy! Haha
You offer ‘Surf Style Training’ at your studio, what is Surf Style Training and what are the benefits of training this way (even if you’re not a surfer)?
Surf Style Training is based on 5 key elements required to build and maintain a strong balanced and harmonic surfer body. Core Strength, Flexibility, Agility, Balance and Endurance. Surf Style Training is inspired by various techniques such as yoga, plyometrics, HIIT, Pilates, postural correction exercises, rehabilitation combined with my own professional interpretation of the functional & dynamic way in which our bodies move. 
What’s your active life mantra?
Strength, Balance and Harmony :)
What’s your favourite post workout snack?
I don't really have a favourite post workout snack, mine is really a PRE workout snack. I always think about putting fuel in the tank BEFORE I need to drive the car so I usually eat a balanced serving of fruit (sugars) and nuts (protein) about 30-45mins before I train. One of my favourite would be a Choc (chocolate pea protein) Banana Smoothie - Dairy Free using almond milk.
What’s always in your gym bag?
Since my studio is based at home I don't really have one! 
But I always take (into the studio) my iPhone with Pandora APP for music, VOSS mini water bottle (so damn cute and compact), damp chilled towel and a hair tie for my locks.
What’s on your Vie Active wishlist?
I'm really digging the new Midnight Garden print, I'm all about colour and the whole fresh blue selection is unreal!
Where are your favourite healthy hangout spots?
There's so many to choose from down here on the Surfcoast! My local beach Jan Juc is a great place to grab a cheeky wave and so close to home. Bird Rock - at high tide you can jump off the rocks into a super deep rock pool, I love watching the local groms scream their heads off as they take a leap! The Boobs to Bells Beach track - such a beautiful cliff top walk, amazing. Surfcoast Wholefoods - ideal place to grab my Almond Milk Caffeine Free Chai in the cooler months when I'm picking up groceries.
Who is your biggest fitspiration?
My clients for sure! Everyday they give me a reason to get up early, make sure I'm smiling and setting a good example. The days that I'm feeling off I think of them and know that I HAVE TO get off my butt and make the most out of life because if they can then I MUST!
Can you share a quick surf style workout with us?
SURE! Try these exercises to challenge all 5 surf style training elements -
Fitball Knee Balance - 1min
180 degrees Jump Squat Turns - 20
Dumbbell Plank Rows (combine plank on hands with Single arm Rows) - 15 each arm
Surf Pop Ups - 20
Plank Turns (turning from Plank on hands to Side Plank and back) - 15 each side
Fitball Knee Balance - 1min
Head to my insta page and website for more on the exercises
Xx Elise

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