#SweatProfessionals we love - Aree Khodai

Posted on 25 November 2014

Tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get into yoga?
I worked as high power executive in the world of mortgage finance for over 10 years having to wear a chip on my shoulder to be respected in a highly aggressive intense day to day environment surrounded by men. I was also in the meantime working crazy hours as I was struggling in my marriage. one day a co worker took me to a bikram yoga class in Laguna beach as I only accepted to avoid going home. Yoga softened me up and allowed me to peel the layers that had been added on by work life pressures. I was pleasant to be around, I smiled more often I looked and felt better inside and out. In 2011 I began teaching full time by accident and in my 30's now I am much healthier and more energized than I was in my twenties.
What’s your active life mantra?
Making the impossible become possible by choosing love passion and gratitude over playing it safe or fear...
Besides practicing yoga, what other ways do you train your body?
I am really enjoying spin(soulcycle) right now its my outlet even more so than yoga. the combination of yoga and spin has changed my body and spirit. we are so lucky here in LA having an amazing array of workouts with the best teachers of the world. whether its Barry's Bootcamp burn 60 ect...
How do you relax?
Shut off phone, sleep, and spend much needed alone time whether its hiking getting a massage or driving to the beach.

What kind of food do you eat and are there things you try to avoid?
I eat whatever I am craving at the time I don't really restrict myself. I am lucky that I happen to crave healthy foods but my biggest weakness is salts like chips chip chips.. I do stay away from foods high in preservatives...


How do you fuel your body after an intense training session? I usually replenish with some kind of juice and then salad, Mexican or sushi are my go to's.

Where are your favourite healthy cafes?

Kreation juices, Cuvee, Planet Raw

What are your favourite healthy snacks? 
plate of tomatoes  hardboiled eggs avocado and cucumber slices & cashews

It’s coming up to the holiday season, what are your tips for staying active and healthy during the holidays?
The holidays sometimes are more chaotic because of the commercial pressures and financial burden it places so even more reason to take your favorite classes as an outlet and to take you time. as much sleep as possible, hydrating, and eating your fave foods..

What’s on your Vie Active wish list? anything and everything in every color!!!I am reallllly into animal print jackets and sportsbra so more of it please and I would love to have an animal print onzie not only to teach in but also go out to holiday party in bringing out my inner leopard cheetah panther.

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