#FitnessBloggers we love - Q and A with Nina from Werableblog.com

Posted on 22 December 2014

Tell us a bit about yourself and your active living story?

I grew up dancing from a young age. I went to a prestigious ballet school followed by 3 years of intensive training at the WA Academy of Performing Arts. 

I continued to work professionally for about 4 years after graduating until I slowly transitioned in to working full time in the events industry.  I have never had the stress of having to watch what I eat because I danced for such a long time. About a year ago I realised that my body will not be able to maintain the physique I am used to unless I implement some other forms of exercise and most importantly motivation. I started a fitness blog [www.werableblog.com] to give me inspiration to stay active.
What’s your active life mantra?

Staying active for me is first and foremost about having fun. I get bored easily therefore I don’t make myself do anything I feel “I should do” or what society claims I should be doing.  I don’t like routine and I don’t set rules for myself I know I cannot commit to. My active life mantra is about balance. I am lucky to have quite strong mind- body awareness from the years of familiarising myself with my body through dance. Because of this I know when I need to find the time to “Up” my exercise routine and when I can take it easy. Within this mantra one thing that doesn’t change is that I always need to keep my body moving.
Number one reason for taking care of your body?

Strength and longevity. I want my body to feel fit, young and energetic for as long as possible.

What’s your favourite way to stay fit?

Dancing, surfing, swimming, conditioning classes, lots of walking and other various outdoor activities. 
How do you stay motivated?

I live in Bondi, so I am constantly motivated by the people and the dynamic outdoor lifestyle around me. 
What or who is your biggest inspiration?

The ocean. Living near the water inspires me to get out and get active every day.
What do you typically eat and what do you try to avoid?

I don’t know if I allowed to say this, but I eat whatever I want. Again it comes back to balance. I eat whatever I want but in moderation. When I say moderation it means If I have a donut that day (yes I am obsessed with donuts) I usually crave greens, or something light and healthy that night.  What I do try and avoid is eating a huge meal right before bed time, I don’t sleep well if I do.
What is your go to healthy meal? 
A meat and 3 veg. Green veggies like spinach or kale lightly cooked, dressed with a little garlic and loads of extra virgin olive oil with a steak or some lamb chops.
What is your favourite healthy snack?

I love acai smoothies. Not sure the sugar content will pass the healthy radar but it gives me a natural high. 
Do you have a favourite healthy cafe/hang out spot where you live?

Cant go past Joe and Willis Depot in North Bondi. It's a family run cafe with amazing service and a delicious menu. Some weekends I am there for breakfast, lunch and dinner all in the one day!
Can you share your ‘signature’ healthy recipe?

I can't say I have too many to choose from, but I do make a yummy spring vegetable soup, one of mums delicioius croatian recipes.
Can you share a typical workout?

Now that summer is here I am going to get back into a short soft sand run, followed by  weight bearing exercises on the grass. If I am indoors I love getting down to the Barre Body classes which is a mixture of Pilates, ballet , yoga and toning exercises. My absolute favourite!

What's your favourite activewear trend?

Anything black leopard and the midnight garden print!

What's on your Vie Active wish list?

Chelsea - black leopard 3/4 tights, Urban Warrior - Zipper sports bra oh and love the Judy- Biarritz to Bondi jacket!

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