Meet Kat, Q and A with yogi - Kat Harding

Posted on 29 November 2014

What inspired you to work in health and fitness and to become a yoga teacher?

There were 2 things that inspired me, one was my mum (she is also a qualified yoga teacher) and the other was experiencing amazing outdoor yoga in Sri Lanka which made me realise that I was not destined to be working in an office for the rest of my life.  
What’s your active life mantra?
Being happy and healthy is within your control
Where’s your favourite place to practice yoga?

Definitely the beach – second to that would be my stand up paddle board!

Favourite yoga pose to stretch your hips?

Pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), I’ve noticed a massive improvement in the opening of my hip flexor muscles by practicing this pose for 5 minutes on each side at least 3 times a week.
Favourite yoga pose for digestion?

Floor bow pose (Dhanurasana) – this also opens the shoulders and the heart and by pressing your stomach into the floor it massages your digestive organs. Remember to kick your legs back and behind you to avoid over compressing your lower spine.
Favourite yoga pose for toned arms? 

Chaturana Dandasana with an extended leg, but it’s not just the pose it’s the movement of the push up as you descend towards the earth and lifting through the arms (engaging the abdominals to support your lower back) as you move to Upward Facing Dog.
Besides yoga how do you like to stay fit and healthy?

I spend a lot of time at the beach swimming and practicing my SUP Yoga, and I love going on 2 hour fast paced walks through the national parks on the weekend. I also try to get a minimum of 2 fat burning circuit sessions in a week to mix it up.
Where are your three healthy hang out spots?

Belmondo’s where I can get my Noosa Cleanse Organic Cold Pressed Juice hit, the local farmers markets more and when I’m in Brisbane the Paleo Café.

What are your tips for getting bikini body ready?

I try to eat small, regular meals so that my body can process them easier, drink plenty of water, I also make sure I get a minimum of 30 minutes of moving whether that’s my own yoga practice, walking or a fat burning circuit every day – no excuses.
What’s on your Vie Active wish list?

The Lori Pure Black zippered sports bra, the Urban Warrior Dance Shorts & the Vie Active Black Leopard Yoga Mat (it’s divine!).

Ps. The Midnight Garden print is amazing!

Can you share one of your favourite yoga sequences with us?

See my favourite yoga flow here.

A Bit about Kat:

Kat is a qualified yoga and SUP yoga teacher who lives in Noosa Heads, QLD and is the co-author of the Get Active, Nourish & Be Grateful Ebook (available at Her e-book contains 2 full yoga sequences, fat burning circuits, healthy and clean recipes plus mini meditation and breathing guides to incorporate into your day.

Kat seeks to get people out in the fresh air to get active and move their bodies and encourages moderation for everything. She believes that there is no one best way to live your life; the most important thing is that you strive to treat your body, mind and soul the best way possible every day. Kat will be running yoga and SUP yoga retreats in 2015, is an ambassador for The Biggest Yoga Class, a Luminary for Fire and Shine and is a Wayfarer for the Wanderlust Yoga Festival being held on Cockatoo Island in Sydney in 2015.


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