Meet Clare, Founder of Chomp Life

Posted on 05 December 2014

We have been a little obsessed with Chomp in the office recently, their lunch catering is delicious, healthy and always gives us lots of inspiration for creative salads at home. So we caught up with the superwoman behind Chomp and got her delicious recipe for a Mexican Salad too - it's the perfect party salad!

Tell us a bit about yourself? Why did you start Chomp?

A career change was always at the back of my mind but like many people, I just didn’t know what to do or how to do it!

After 8 years in Public Relations and hours of sitting through meetings and events eating average, uninspiring and unhealthy food, I knew that I wanted  to create a company that provided busy people, mindful, delicious and beautiful food delivered to their door without any fuss. The food had to be about the flavor and ingredients and get people talking.

After my 30th birthday, it all started to fall into place and with a lot of support and a huge amount of hard work, I was able to quit my job to launch Chomp full time and embark on the biggest adventure of my life and it is only just beginning.

How do you live an active life?

I get up at 5.30am, my body clock wont let me sleep in anymore and then I am on my feet for at least 12 hours a day in the kitchen, meeting with suppliers and delivering our delicious food but I try and incorporate meditation, yoga and long beach walks into my week as well as doing hilarious bursts of exercise when people aren’t looking like squats in the kitchen with my team, running up ramps with full trolleys of food and arm weights with huge tins of chick peas – I have to be as inventive as possible or I run out of time! As we are starting to expand, I am making more time to practice yoga, get running again and some much needed exercise for the mind - zen time.


What’s your active life mantra?

What’s for you won’t pass you – this has never failed me!

Try to not worry about what’s out of your control – easier said than done.

Chomp uses locally sourced and seasonal produce, why do you think this is important?

By supporting our local butcher, baker and fruit and vegetable producer we can create rustic, hand crafted, wholesome and meaningful food that yells quality and love as opposed to another sad sandwich or tasteless salad – it’s quality over quantity at Chomp HQ and that is why our amazing clients keep coming back for more.

You have some pretty amazing salad combos, where do you come up with inspiration for your combos?

Food needs to be fun and we eat with our eyes. Australia has some of the freshest most exciting ingredients which means we can come up with creative salads or an interactive sharing platter that people wouldn’t usually pick out. We take inspiration from trips overseas or just trips to the markets, we are obsessed with Ottolenghi and healthy food blogs but also recipes from our friends and families are tweaked, refreshed and given the Chomp twist.

I love our clients reactions to a Pulled pork and Pineapple roll or our take on The Pimms and using the ingredients found in the drink and creating a stunning summer salad – it’s what we do, we live and breath food.

The most popular dish on the menu is …..

Anything Mexican sends our clients nuts, but the 11 hour pulled beef is a winner and slow cooking reduces the fat content and leaves you with soft, nourishing meat that melts in your mouth. Our team goes through a fair raw jaffa cake bliss bombs and our home made strawberry, banana and chia scones- oh I am hungry now!

What ingredients do you love to work with and why?

I get excited over simple things, mozzarella, fresh basil, avocados, vine ripened tomato, chili and sweet prawns, whilst our food sounds exotic, when you look at the ingredients you will see it is a few key items that are in season and at their best – like life, when you simplify things, they don’t have to complicated.

Can you share a healthy holiday recipe with us?

The Motel Mexicola Quinoa Bowl is great for lunch, dinner or a BBQ – packed full off goodness with a few surprise ingredients, this has a Mexican feel and is fresh, light and easy to make.

Mix chopped medjool dates, capsicum and fresh corn through cooked quinoa, a slug of olive oil, chili flakes, fresh mint or coriander and season with S&P.

Top with BBQ chicken or roasted chili pumpkin and add smashed avo and a home made spicy peanut dressing!

What’s your favourite post workout snack?

It has to be a banana, berry and chia smoothie or a big bowl of nice cream which I have only just discovered through the obsession on Instagram! Or my boyfriend makes the most amazing cold pressed veggie juice at home, heaven.

Where are your favourite healthy cafes?

We were in Byron Bay a few weeks ago and went to The Bay Leaf Cafe and it blew me away, everything on the menu was incredible! Sydney has so many but I love café Swell at Bronte for the perfect poached eggs and Cornersmith in Marrickville is all sorts of amazing.

It’s coming up to the holiday season, what are your tips for staying active and healthy during the holidays?

Our amazing climates in Australia means holidays are spent on the beach, feast on fresh seafood, fruit and berries and grilled meats and veggies on the BBQ, the perfect way to eat and not feel guilty. Grab a set of beach cricket to play with friends, attempt a surf, long walks and runs on the South Coast Beaches and reboot with energizing yoga classes, that will help with the intensity of Christmas!


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