Have you tried Charlie's Balls? Q and A with Health Coach, Charlie de Haas

Posted on 02 December 2014

Tells us a bit about yourself? What inspired you to start Charlie’s Balls and other raw treats?
I'm a health coach and speaker. I'm a fitness addict, a passionate dreamer, a love sharer, a believer and a doer. I work hard for any success I am blessed to receive (and just working for myself is a huge success, and receiving love/support for my #balls)
Clean Treats aka #charliesballs just kind of happened. I was working for myself as a Health Coach and hosting seminars (this is my absolute true passion, sharing a message of self love and care, respect, & kindness), and someone said I should sell the treats I made for these. So I did, and somewhere along #charliesballs happened, which I truly love because I get to talk to people about #balls all day making people laugh, smile and just be silly, something we all don't do enough of. I truly believe that everytime someone choses a Clean Treat product rather than a processed product, they are making a healthy change in the world. Together we can create change. Clean Treats is about making health accessible. Be REAL, not FAKE, with who you are and the food you eat. 
How do live an active life?
Do what you like to do. I'm naturally a runner, so I run whenever I feel like it. I love strength training (my #goal body is currently under construction...too many #balls!) Learn to listen to your body, if you need to rest, then rest. But know if you're just being lazy. Your body will always tell you everything that's happening, we just need to learn to listen to it. The skin (I come from over ten years beauty experience) will also show you exactly what is happening internally, from emotions to nutrient deficiencies.
What’s your active life mantra?
Do something you love.
Self love is the core belief that we all need to create to live healthier, happier lifestyles. If you truly care about yourself, who you are, your gorgeous body you will learn to listen to it and make conscious choices. Sometimes we cave to the not so good stuff, junk/alcohol as a temporary stress relief. If you can stop yourself in that moment and make a healthier choice, that rainbow salad and a walk, yoga or simply just being still to breathe, you'll feel much better.
Also, a self love date 1 x weekly with yourself. This is imperative. You are the CEO of your life so take a moment to check in, be thankful for what you have achieved, what you may need to evaluate and just spend a moment being ok with doing nothing. We're all so busy these days and success driven we forget about the beauty that is found in the present moment.

What’s your favourite raw treat?
Ahh, I love my whole range which makes my own fitness/health/ab goals that bit more difficult. Without a doubt the Vanilla Pecan love #balls/frozen are delish! And my new Choc/peanut Lust bar and caramel slice...the best of my life, and I already loved caramel slice so now a healthy version...trouble.
Do you have a raw desert recipe you can share? 
I don't have a particular recipe as my recipes are my retail items, however I will say, make friends with your kitchen. 
Each week buy a new product or food that you haven't used before and work with it. Experiment. 
I'm a huge green juice fan and sometimes I make some mixes that have me completely unimpressed, drink it anyway and remember that particular mix of ingredients didn't quite work.
What’s on your Vie Active wish list?
I just ordered the new Midnight Garden Chelsea tights & Lori crop! Cant wait to get them they are stunning. And I'm also still in love/lust/want with the snow leopard print.
What are your favourite healthy cafes?
About life, Wholemeal cafe, Performa nutrition.
It’s almost the holiday season, what are your tips for staying fit and healthy during the holidays? 
  • Remember its not a treat if it's everyday :) Note to self. 
  • A glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning, then walk. If you get your body moving your more likely to feel healthy and stay motivated. Use this time to mentally prepare for your day, use an audio cd or beautiful music such as India Arie (I use her sounds when I sing to my balls to infuse them with love), 'you are beautiful like a flower', words are affirmations. 
  • Drink more water. Most of us don't drink anywhere near enough water. Infuse it with cucumber, berries, mint etc to make it a refreshing drink. 
  • Be active. Its Summer, walk with friends on the beach, Coogee to Bondi is stunning, fresh air, sunshine, gossip and cardio (my perfection), take a SUP class, do something different.
Where can we find you?
Instagram - @charliedehaas
Facebook - Charlie de Haas
In 6 months I have over 60 stockists nationally which will soon be listed on the new website. 
But places you know of: Maloneys Grocer, Performa Nutrition stores, Wholemeal Cafe, Barre Body, In yoga and so many more. You can also order online. Christmas packs are currently available pre-order, give a gift of health this Christmas.
Charlie Xx

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