SARAH WILSON - Why you should be sugar free for Summer

Posted on 24 November 2014

Sarah Wilson is a successful blogger, author, journalist and presenter and has become the face of the 'I Quit Sugar' movement after facing her own battles with sugar. She has quite inspiring messages about sustainability, caring for yourself and your body and why we should quit sugar. We caught up over virtual green smoothies to chat all things health and fitness and find out why it is even more important to quit sugar for Summer.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? What motivated you to start prioritising your health and fitness and what motivated you to ‘quit sugar’?

I have an autoimmune disease and had been told for years I should quit sugar. The idea was far too scary to contemplate, as it is for most. (Tell someone to quit, say, peanuts and they just don't shudder in the same way). I then decided to experiment with the idea and quit for two weeks. I wrote about it for the newspaper column I was writing at the time. It felt so good, so right -  I lost weight immediately and had much better energy - that I just kept going. And going. It's been over 2 years now.

Why should we quit sugar, especially for Summer?

The main problem with sugar is that it is addictive, our body doesn't have hormones that signal when we've had enough so we just continue to eat it, plus it dramatically affects blood sugar and energy levels not to mention numerous other diseases it can cause.

Now when I talk about sugar, the main culprit is fructose as our body can't metabolise it, so it wreaks havoc!

Now in Summer we are a lot more susceptible to eating fructose, think summer fruit platters, Christmas parties, cocktails, Summer BBQs - it's like a fructose land mine! And if you're addicted to sugar it's going to be very hard to say no and limit your intake.

Saying that, fruit is not the enemy. Especially low fructose fruits like berries or kiwi fruit - I try and have 1-2 serves a day. But excessive fruit or dried and juiced fruit can overload your body with sugar, which is what we should be avoiding.

So my tip is to try and be mindful of Summer Sugar Traps, eat cheese at predinner nibbles to fill you up, stick to organic wines and spirits mixed with soda water and prepare carrot sticks instead of a fruit platter.

What’s your favourite way to stay fit?
To wake up and feel what my body needs that day. I exercise every day but sometimes it’s just a gentle workout at home. Sometimes it’s a four hour bush hike. Power yoga (in a hot room) is my go to when I have the time.

What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?
Definitely to get out into bushland – hiking, exploring, climbing a tree, mountain bike riding… Wherever I am in the world I get out most weekends.

What’s your style like when you’re working out?
Very, very simple. I’m not a consumer, I have a pair of green shorts that I have had for four years. Prior to that I had the same green shorts for another four years. I have one pair of sneakers, two sports bras, one cap. When anything wears out I simply replace with the same item. It’s all about minimalism and simplicity for me.

What’s your style like when you’re hanging out?
Quite functional and comfortable. I ride a bike for transport so my clothing generally involves some lycra.

Favourite I quit sugar smoothie recipe?
Book 2 –  the anti inflammatory one - anything with turmeric is fantastic!

How do you find balance?
By having a morning routine – this ensures I have some grounding time to myself every day before it gets too crazy. Every morning without excuses I exercise and meditate. My bushhikes on the weekend also balance out my hectic city life during the week.

What does living an active life mean to you?
It keeps me agile and engaged with life. Movement is very soothing and meditative for me. I exercise outdoors as much as possible so exercise is my vehicle for connecting with nature.

What are your makeup must-haves?
Ere Perez almond oil mascara and Ere Perez rice bran bronzer. Plus ocean water – it’s the best volumiser for my hair.

What totally relaxes you? Bushwalking on my own. About twenty mins in, once the rythym has settled my soul. Knitting has also become a new form of relaxation. It’s a new hobby.

What are your hiking essentials?


What would we be surprised to find in your fridge? A kombucha scobi in a recycled coconut oil jar. Not an attractive sight but used regularly to make this wonderful fermented drink. I also always have a jar of anchovies. Quite the bachelorette fridge!

The book on your bedside table right now?
“It not now, when?” Primo Levi

Three things on your bucket list?
To do Panchakarma in India, to do another epic mountain bike ride somewhere in the world before I get too old and to own a dog.

Your latest obsession?

Message you’d send to the world?
Consume less, care more, find shopping boring and get outside!

Sarah Xx

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