Posted on 10 November 2014


Cassey's journey with Bottom's Up! Fitness, began as a client. Experiencing first hand their unique methods of training, Cassey fell in love with her BUF workouts so much, that she became a head trainer herself. We love this story, and the Vie Active team are LOVING our BUF workouts so much that.. well if our Vie Active HQ wasn't so cool we'd probably join the BUF trainers too!

Her mantra involves embracing being yourself, so check out her fitness tips for Summer, and get ready to embrace your bikini body.

Tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get into the fitness industry?

Two years ago, after many years working in the corporate world I found my true calling in helping other people achieve their health and fitness goals. I worked hard to get all my qualifications to become a Personal Trainer whilst still working in a full time Sales role. I chased my dreams at the age of 29 and have never looked back! 

Why do you love being a BUF girl? 

I originally joined Bottoms Up Fitness as a client in 2010. I quickly fell in love with the brand, its methods of training and the passionate professionals whose leadership and direction helped me achieve my health and fitness goals. I believe being a BUF girl means we work hard whilst still having fun. We are all incredibly inspirational girls who are real! We are about empowering women all over the world... talk about girl power! YAY!

You have to get up pretty early for BUF sessions, what’s your trick for getting up early to workout?

I try and be in bed between 9.30-10pm in the evening and I jump straight out of bed as soon as my alarm goes off.
I never press snooze! 
Once I am up I am ready to take on the day!

What’s your favourite post workout snack?

I love a protein smoothie packed full of goodness post workout or eggs are a staple in my diet plan.

What are your top 5 tips for a bikini body? 

1) Move everyday- Even if you take the dog for a walk, yoga session or a tough HIIT workout, it doesn't matter as long as you MOVE your body.

2) Eat clean- It is true what they say that 80% of your body is about what you put in it so stay away from processed foods and nourish with real food.

3) Mix it up- If you want a lean body you need to mix up your workouts and keep your body guessing. I love try our new gyms, boot camps and classes every week!

4) Don't be so hard on yourself- if you have a naughty day don't dwell on it. You are human. Tomorrow is a new day.

5) Be confident- I spent so many years wanting a super model body, and after working on my fitness, strength and cardio, I am happy with what I look like and rock it how I can!

What are your 3 favourite bikini body moves? 

1) My all-time favourite exercise is a squat, because it’s so good for a sexy booty. Air squats, jump squats, drop squats, any of these moves will do.

2) Chest to floor burpee. Okay, so I have a love hate relationship with these but they are so good for a rocking bikini body. It works as a strength and cardio exercise, so think a strong lean body, AMEN!

3) Super girl row- One thing we tend to forget about is the back of our body... Good posture can make you look more confident in a bikini so that is why this move is a must do for summer.

What’s your active living mantra?

Accept, love and be yourself, because that's all you can be! 

What are your favourite 3 Vie Active pieces? 

Libby hoodie

Leopard Alice run shorts

Rockwell snow leopard tights

Embrace your body this summer, with Vie Active and Bottom's Up! Fitness #bufgirls #teamvieactive 


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