Posted on 10 November 2014

Alicia Beveridge aka Fitness Expert for Cleo magazine, aka Trainer for Bottoms Up! Fitness. Empowers and educates women on living a happy healthy life. Read her top bikini body moves, that will help your booty look like Beyoncé’s.

Ps Rumor has it she can teach you to love burpee's too. Gosh is there anything she can't do?

Tell us a bit about yourself? How did you start in the fitness industry?

When I left school I studied journalism and fashion, but spent lots of my spare time working in gyms. That probably should have been the alarm bell to pursue a career in fitness, but nevertheless I pursued a career in magazines. 

After four years in magazines I decided to give some time to my love for the health and fitness industry and study to become a PT.  For me, fitness and exercise have always been about enjoyment rather than punishment, so I am so motivated to now work in an industry where I can help other women discover just this. I have recently become the Fitness Expert for Cleo Magazine, so happy I spent some time in magazine land! This allows me to really reach a lot of women and hopefully empower and educate them when it comes to living a happy and healthy life…oh, and teach them to love Burpee’s ;-) 

Why do you love being a BUF girl? 

Being a BUF girl means I am part of a seriously special culture of empowered, motivated, educated and dynamic women. BUF has evolved over the past four years to be so much more than fitness, so has being a BUF girl. She doesn’t count calories, she doesn’t compete with other women; she listens to her body, and nourishes it with good, clean food and enjoyable movement.

You have to get up pretty early for BUF sessions, what’s your trick for getting up early to workout?

Trick is to go to bed at a reasonable time!  Unfortunately that is well before midnight. I want to bounce out of bed, not struggle.

Your body is actually designed to rise and fall with the sun. So regular late nights can stand in the way of you keeping fit and performing well in workouts.  You can’t underestimate the importance of sleep and quality sleep. Go to bed before 10:30PM, don’t watch TV, play on your phone or eat dinner too late. If you stay up later than 10:30PM most nights, you are going to have imbalances between your stress hormones (they will be high) and your growth and repair hormones (they will be low), and this can work against you.

What’s your favourite post workout snack?

If I’m running around I’ll have a coconut water and some fruit...otherwise if I can, I’ll make a green smoothie with all the trimmings: protein powder, coconut water, nuzest greens, kale, nuts and some berries.

What are your top 5 tips for a bikini body? 

1) Try and be as consistent as you can with your exercise (don’t rely on motivation to stay active, make it fun, keep it varied and you’ll want to move).

2) Don’t count calories. Focus on eating fresh, nutritious food that’s as close to its natural state as possible.

3) Don’t obsess – it’s what you do 80% of the time that counts, so 20% of the time just let loose, enjoy a little treat, or hit ‘snooze’ and stay under the covers!

4) Knowledge is power – learn what to do in terms of your nutrition, but also why.

5) Be kind to yourself, make time for yourself and talk to yourself kindly…you want to feel good in the Bikini body you’ve worked so hard to get right?!

What are your 3 favourite bikini body moves? 

When it comes to rocking a Bikini, it’s all about the mid-section, the butt and the posture ;-) So with that in mind, my three favourite exercises are:

1) A good old traditional plank (held as long as you can, aim for 2 minutes)

2) Sea Turtles, erm, not a very technical name, but oh so effective. Work on your posture and your glutes simultaneously whilst you lie down (doesn’t get much better).

3) Beyoncé Hip Raises – so good for your butt, and we know how good Beyoncé’s is.

What’s your active living mantra?

I love this one from our BUF Bikini Program

“Stay motivated by focusing on achieving small, positive, daily goals, rather than worrying about chasing big numbers on the scales; which ends up getting you focused on everything you don’t have rather than all the great stuff you’re doing”

  What are your favourite 3 Vie Active pieces? 

OK, if I had to narrow it down to 3…

My new favourite shorts – Tanya – Urban Warrior Dance Shorts

Leopard Alice run shorts…LOVE

Ali Black Leopard Compression Tights.

Share your favourite bikini body workout with #teamvieactive and #bottomsupfitness


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