Posted on 10 November 2014

Vie Activist, Libby Babet is the founder of two innovative fitness brands; Bottoms Up! Fitness and Agoga. She's here to discuss her tips and tricks to a rockin' bikini body this summer.

Tell us a bit about yourself? How did you start in the fitness industry?

Fitness has always been a really big part of my life – from my early days as a sprint athlete (400m was my event), to dance/choreography, team sports and surfing. I’ve done it all! I moved into personal training and specifically group training when I saw a big gap in the market for two things

Female-specific training that was fun, community-driven and created lean, happy (never chunky) bodies, and

More elite training for people who were more advanced and wanted a technical, cutting-edge training experience

From these two different passions sprung my businesses, AGOGA (a group training studio specialising in functional, athletic patterns and HIIT) and Bottoms Up! Fitness (BUF), which is an all-girls outdoor training community focused on empowering, educating and connecting women in all things fitness/health.

You could say my passion is more for helping people find the joy in movement and life than it is for exercise in the strictest sense - I love how much freedom and strength women find when they start living an active lifestyle and I’m always the first to put my hand up to be involved in any project that supports women living an active lifestyle – from writing for Women’s Fitness and now CLEO Fitness magazines, to acting as fitness advisor to Zova and of course, as an Ambassador for Vie Active.

Why do you love being a BUF girl? 

BUF brings a little sparkle into my life every single day. I actually don’t know where I’d be without Bottoms Up in my life! Waking up to a bunch of happy, smiling, loving women every morning, working with incredible trainers, seeing dawn every single day, pumping Beyonce tunes at 5:45am as we workout in public, bringing some #realfitspo to a world that can sometimes be intimidating and making regular girls feel happy, accepted and confident. There’s joy to be found in every BUF moment and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

You have to get up pretty early for BUF sessions, what’s your trick for getting up early to workout?

I actually really love that pre-dawn moment when you walk out of the house and the world is so silent, while I step out in the fresh air and breath in the last moments of night. It’s easy enough to get up for me, I’m a total morning person. Except in winter, every trainer dreads June, July and August! I do also have a cheeky little liquid vitamin drink I take as I walk out the door for a bit of added pep!

What’s your favourite post workout snack?

I love a big green veggie juice with added super-greens powder – Synergy Natural or Nu-Zest are my current favourites! Other than that, a few times each week I love to treat myself to a Buffin from the local health store – it’s a buckwheat muffin that’s dairy, sugar and gluten-free and so yummy!

What are your top 5 tips for a bikini body? 

  1. Move your body daily. It doesn’t have to be hardcore (in fact, it shouldn’t always be!) - a walk, yoga class, stretch, or swim will do the trick – just make a promise to yourself that you’ll do something every day. Exercise has a flow-on effect to the rest of your life. You feel better, eat better and feel happier.
  2. Don’t calorie count, or restrict yourself too much – that just leads to inhibited serotonin production, a happy hormone that’s needed to control appetite and maintain harmony with food. Focus on eating a variety of nutritious foods, as the great Michael Pollen says, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants”.
  3. Drink 2L plus of water every single day and get 6-8hrs sleep every night. Your body can’t shift fat, or regulate hormones, without these two things.
  4. Limit the amount of calories you “drink”, particularly sneaky are the levels of soy and cow’s milk people take in their coffees – those 3 lattes every day have got to go! Stick to one short black, or a long black, ‘with a dash’ of your favourite milk instead.
  5. Limit alcohol consumption (1-3 glasses per week is more than enough) and drink lots of green/herbal teas.
What are your 3 favourite bikini body moves? 

Fast bodyweight squats (perform with high reps)

Burpees (all kinds!)


What’s your active living mantra?

Find the joy in movement. Keep a healthy attitude towards healthy living (i.e, no obsessing!)

What are your favourite 3 Vie Active pieces? 

I am LOVING the Rockell full-length compression tights in Black

I’m also a big fan of the Libby Hoodie (no surprises there) &

Dance shorts in black leopard… I can’t wait to get my hands on the urban warrior range though, I’ve just ordered the zip-front sports bra, so watch this space!

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