The Mobile Yogi - Simmone Skinner-Smith

Posted on 16 October 2014

What does the Vie Active team love more then visiting Kevin Bacon at The Grounds of Alexandria?? 

A complimentary yoga session, with The Mobile Yogi at The Grounds (before we say hi to Kevin Bacon, of course)

We suggest you grab your friends on a Tuesday morning at 7am and do the same.

Vie Active have had the opportunity to chat with Simmone Skinner- Smith about all things Yoga, Vie Active and Pregnancy.

Tell us a bit about yourself, why did you decide to start ‘The Mobile Yogi’?

Like all good things, the idea for The Mobile Yogi came about over a coffee and laughs with a friend! It was two years ago and I had recently completed my yoga teacher training and started riding a Vespa. My friend joked that I could now zip around and take yoga to people anytime, anywhere. And as soon as she said it, we both looked at each other…it was one of those light bulb moments! Thanks to the support of my family and friends I left my day job as a TV Producer about 6months later and became The Mobile Yogi…and I haven’t looked back

What’s your Active Life Mantra?

‘Things happen for a reason’. Whether they are good or bad, if you can look at the big picture it helps in all situations.

Who would be your biggest fitspiration?

One of my first ever yoga teachers was a lady called Jan who taught me at local community college when I was a teenager. I remember looking at her in class and being constantly confused…she just glowed from the inside and had the energy and enthusiasm of a 20 year old but on the outside she was 80 years old wearing lycra and leg warmers! She had been practising her whole life and she exuded wellness and light...she was amazing! I want to be Jan when I grow up.

Another fitspiration of mine is the gorgeous Jessica Smith. Jess is a Para-Olympian and has had many struggles in her life but she constantly turns these into positives. She is currently running a healthy body awareness campaign called Join the Revolution and she is an inspirational woman inside and out.

What are your 3 favourite Vie Active Pieces?

That’s a tough one! I love the Noa Foundation Jacket for when I am teaching outdoors, and the Lori Snow Leopard Zippered Sports Bra teamed up with the Rockwell Snow Leopard Compression tights because they just looks so fierce together. When you look good you feel good!


You’re known for your Blue Vespa, what made you decide to make this your symbol?

‘Bluey’ is just too cute! My mission is to take yoga out and about to as many venues, work places, homes and schools as I can and ‘Bluey the Vespa’ enables me to do this.

What three yoga poses would you recommend if some of our Urban Warriors, want to fit more yoga into their day?

Down dog, down dog, down dog! Come to one of my classes and you’ll be doing loads of downward facing dogs. It’s the ultimate pose to strengthen your arms and shoulders (think Michelle Bridges arms) and stretch the calves and hamstrings. You get some of the benefits of an inversion, with the head lower than the heart and chest, and it stretches the whole back of the body…an area of tightness for so many of us thanks to the modern torture device…the chair!

You often practice at the The Grounds of Alexandria, what’s your favourite thing on the menu?

Another tough question! I hold a weekly yoga class here every Tuesday which is free -thanks to the great team at The Grounds of Alexandria - so I am normally here for breakfast and I just love their smashed avocado on toast with tomato and feta. It is delicious and best washed down with their amazing green juices, and coffee of course!

We’ve heard of your Glowing Yoga events, what are they all about?

Last year I teamed up with Endometriosis Australia and Alana Health Care to launch Luminosity – a glowing yoga event in Sydney to raise awareness into endometriosis which is a condition that effects 1 in 10 women, myself included. We had 160 gorgeous yogis join us under UV lights as some of Sydney’s best yoga teachers lead us through a fun vinyasa class, finishing off with a Brazilian drumming troop who really got the party started! I was so grateful to have my dear friend, Johanna Griggs, MC the event with 100% of ticket sales going to the charity, Endometriosis Australia. Next year Luminosity will be bigger and brighter, being held in both Sydney and Melbourne in March 2015. Stay tuned for more info.

Besides Yoga, what other ways do you move your body?

I enjoy working out with my husband. He is a personal trainer (The Fitness Geek) and we often head to the local park with boxing gloves and the dreaded battling rope. In fact, he proposed to me after making me run to the top of the big hill at Sydney Park! I was red faced and out of breath but eventually managed to say YES!!

At the end of a busy day, how do you find balance again?

Chocolate and sleep! Life is all about balance and I believe it’s better to stick with the ratio of 80% wellness, good food and exercise with 20% of treats and naughtiness for the rest of your life rather than to try for 100% for just a few days or weeks and then have a blow out and indulge or stop exercising completely. No one is perfect and there is no reason to beat yourself up.

You're newly pregnant, congratulations! How do you plan on staying active throughout your pregnancy?

Thank you very much and yoga, of course! However, my strong vinyasa flow practice has changed dramatically since becoming pregnant and is much gentler and isn’t as asana/pose heavy. Pranayama/breathing exercises and meditation have started to replace standing on my head (one of my all-time favorite energy boosters) and back bending. And although I dearly miss my strong vinyasa practice, I am also enjoying discovering my strengths and weaknesses in these other areas of my practice. I also plan to start swimming, once the weather warms up.

You’ve just finished your prenatal yoga teacher training, what tips can you give women who want to continue to practice throughout their pregnancy?

Listen to your body. Throughout your pregnancy you are told many stories and receive advise by well-meaning friends, experts, doctors and family members about being pregnant, labor and even what type of exercise you can do and when. But at the end of the day, like a normal yoga class, every body in that room is different, and only you know how you feel and what feels good for you. They say mothers have amazing instinct, so start to tune into yours and do what feels right for you, which may change daily. Why do you/don’t you think it’s important for women to continue practising throughout their pregnancy? Being pregnant is an amazing, phenomenal experience. However, there are so many changes taking place in your body that it is like starting from scratch again, learning what your body is now capable of and what feels right for you. As my belly grows, I could see how easy it would be too stop exercising altogether and kick back on the couch with a pack of Tim Tams! But at the end of the day you are building up to one of the most physically grueling and mentally tough challenges you may ever face in your life - giving birth - and you need to train physically and mentally for this, just like you would for the City to Surf or a marathon. And if that’s not motivation enough, I think the idea of giving your baby the best start in life by keeping yourself fit and healthy (and therefore them fit and healthy), certainly is!

Can you share a quick workout for pregnant women?

I would suggest practising yoga when pregnant in a prenatal class or with a trained teacher in a private class environment. There are a quite a few restrictions with what you can and can’t do to keep yourself and the baby safe and this can also vary between trimesters. However, nothing beats a quick savasana/relaxation when you are pregnant to recharge the batteries. However, it is important to lie on your left side when pregnant with a bolster or cushion between the thighs and under the head. And viparita kirani/’legs up the wall’ held for just a few minutes with the hips elevated on a blanket or cushion can be divine after a long day and is great for helping with swelling of the ankles too.

Let us know your thoughts on The Mobile Yogi, and tag your experience #vieactivewear #themobileyogi


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