The Do More Be More Reboot

Posted on 01 October 2014

Summer is just around the corner here in Australia, so we thought it would be the perfect time for our team (and our community) to reboot our bodies for the warmer months. Even when you lead a healthy, active and fairly clean lifestyle you can forget simple things (like drinking water) that can stop your body from performing at its best. We’ve worked with our ambassadors (an amazing team of #sweatprofessionals) to come up with workouts, healthy meals and other tips to help restore, rejuvenate and detox your body.This reboot is aimed at unveiling a happier, more confident and hopefully glowing you! We want you to feel less sluggish and more energised and try new recipes and workouts to see if they work for you.
Our whole team will be joining the reboot and we’d love you to share your reboot experiences on social media with us by tagging #DoMoreBeMoreReboot (There will be five $400 Urban Warrior Prize Packs up for grabs for five lucky rebooters).
We can’t wait to reboot with you!

Our 10 Reboot Suggestions
Below are our ten tips for getting the most out of your reboot. These suggestions are aimed at increasing your energy levels, reducing fluid retention and leading you to a happier and healthier body.

  1. Eat Protein at Breakfast - Protein keeps you fuller for longer and when you’re training hard it is important to fuel up with a high quality protein source.
  2. Eat at least 1 raw meal a day - Raw food is packed full of enzymes and nutrients that help your body perform at its best. Many of these are lost when our food is heated and therefore by eating more raw food you will be getting a wider nutritional profile into your diet. Which should lead to glowing skin and loads of energy
  3. Drink at least 3L of water a day - Staying hydrated is crucial! Check out the results one of our ambassador Libby’s clients had after increasing her water intake (they will shock you)
  4. Energise with cacao - In the office we treat our cacao as we would medicine! It has so many fantastic benefits and one of the highest antioxidant ratings of any food on the planet. Try our reboot recipes to get in at least one serve a day (and yes chocolate for breakfast is on the menu)
  5. No Caffeine - You knew it has coming! We love coffee and it has amazing benefits as a natural supplement and is one of our co founder Noa’s favourite ways to gear up before a workout. However, it is a stimulant and as part of the detox process we recommend cutting it out and letting your body reset and energise without the extra stimulants.
  6. Eat Organic - We know eating organic can be expensive and hard to source and sometimes just isn’t realist for everyday. However, for the week of the reboot we want your body to reset, recharge and balance and chemicals from food that isn’t organic can seriously mess with this process. To cleanse your body to the best extent try and stock up on organic foods this week.
  7. Cut out sugar- When we say this we mean the processed, heated crap that is hidden in packaged food and laden in low fat foods. Sugar not only contributes to packing on pounds but can also play with your hormone balance. We are however a fan of natural sugars in moderation such as honey or maple syrup or fruit. These all contain fructose which can still impact your blood sugar levels but also have fantastic nutrient profiles. Try and limit your serves of these natural sugars to one or two a day and substitute with non fructose sweeteners such as stevia or rice malt syrup.
  8. Dry body brush everyday - Dry body brushing is a great way to exfoliate and also works wonders on our lymph system, getting everything moving. We want to move the toxins out and fresh stuff in - so get brushing for 5-10 minutes everyday
  9. Move at least once a day- We weren’t meant to spend our days cooped up sitting on a chair, get the heart racing and blood flowing at least once a day. It has amazing benefits for your body, skin, hair and general wellbeing. We’ve put together a seven day workout plan to make it even easier for you.
  10. Start your day with a purpose - We want you to finish this reboot with a healthier body and mind, which means not only eating well and exercising but also putting yourself in the right mindset. For the course of the reboot get some paper and a pen and put it beside your bed. Each day when you wake up in the morning write out a positive goal or mantra for the day like, I’m going to make a effort to complement others today or ‘Good things come to those who sweat’. Keep this in your mind throughout the day to help inspire you to do new things and work a little harder.

Now that you have the suggestions down pact - the next step is to check out our workout guide and healthy meal suggestions to help prepare you for reboot success.

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