Pre natal Warrior Workout and some Pre natal tips

Posted on 19 September 2014

Let your inner Urban Warrior roar with these pre natal exercises. 

  • 2nd Position Plié
Standing with feet in 2nd position natural turnout.
With or without hand weights perform Plié ( bend knees) and then lengthen back to standing position.
Repeat 8 times.
Hold last repetition and perform 16 small pulses
(modify by doing a smaller plié or by working in parallel instead of turned out)

  • Plié Tendu
From your last 2nd Position plié transfer weight to one side and stretch the other foot. 
Return back to 2nd Plie
Repeat 8 X Right, 8 X Left and then 8 X alternating.
Perform with or without hand weights.
( modify by not going too deep in plié,

  • Parallel Plié
With feet together, toes forward, lift heels to releve ( rise up on balls of feet)
Keeping legs together, perform parallel plies X 8
Hold last repetition in plié and maintain shape for 8 counts focusing on breathing. 
Tap heels with control to floor X 8
( modify with less repetitions or advance with repeating whole set)

  • Kneeling Arabesque
In a 4 point kneeling position,
connect through abdominals to stabilize the lower back and then extend one leg behind you. 
Maintain shape in parallel position and parallel to the floor.
Hold x 8 counts focusing on breathing. Keep leg straight and perform small pulses up x 8. 
Flex the knee to point toe to the ceiling and then extend.  X 8
Hold last repetition and pulse toe up to the ceiling. X 8
Repeat on the other side.
(modify by resting on forearms or between sets.  Advance by increasing reps)
 Some Pre Natal Tips by Rockell
  • Always consult your GP before commencing new training programmes when pregnant.   
  • What feels good for one woman when pregnant may not feel good for another.   Listen to your body, keep well hydrated, and in a well ventilated room.
  • To avoid your abdominals separating and potential hernia put the sits up and crunches on ice until after you have baby.  If you feel this might be happening ask your Pilates instructor or Physio to check for diastasis recti and work on different types of stability exercises for the duration of your pregnancy.    Should you be experiencing the stretching of this connective tissue between your 6 pack muscles also avoid large twisting exercises and full extension Ie laying on back over ball or full cobra/swans and as already mentioned, no crunches or sit ups.
  • When getting up out of bed, roll to the side, place both feet on ground and engage glutes to stand.
  • Investigate binding options for post pregnancy
  • Avoid doing aggressive or excessive inner thigh exercises.
  • If you are a runner or walker try shortening your stride.  Relaxing hormones in pregnancy can make pelvic stability vulnerable and large strides or too much asymmetrical work can create pressure through your sacroiliac joint and or pubic joint.
  • Enjoy this amazing time in your life.  Working out when pregnant is great for you and baby.  Listen to what feels good or bad and connect with your fitness professional the moment you fall pregnant so they can make necessary modifications.

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