Posted on 25 September 2014

The Vie Active Urban Warrior is a woman who runs through life at break neck speed, rolling with the punches and knowing when to throw them! She runs from Barre to Brunch, Work to Workout and does it all in style. The Urban Warrior is strong, confident, happy and motivated.
We caught up with Alicia from Bottoms Up Fitness, who not only is an Urban Warrior herself but also trains Urban Warriors for a living. She has devised the ultimate urban warrior work that you can do anywhere, anytime, with no equipment!
The Workout
You have 5 minutes to work through each Round of exercises below.  You will alternate between Exercise A and B, decreasing your reps, aiming to get down to 1. Complete 20 reps of Exercise A, then 20 reps of Exercise B, then 10 of A and 10 of B, then decrease by 2 reps - so 8 reps of each, 6 reps of each etc - aiming to get down to 2. Race against the clock - like the modern urban warrior woman ;-) 
Round 1: 
Exercise A: Reverse Lunge to Kick (20 e/side, 10 e/side etc) 
Start in a low lunge position.
Drive the lowered leg up and straighten. land in lunge position.
Exercise B: Tricep Push Up to Plank Jack  
Start in a plank position.
Lower keeping elbows close to the body into a pushup.
Push body back up into a plank position, then jump the legs out and back in.
Round 2: 
Exercise A: Compound Crunch 
Start lying down with legs and arms extended and raised off the floor. Raise your shoulders and crunch forward to engage abs.
Bring your arms and legs into your mid line, bringing the body up.
Exercise B: Chest-to-Floor Burpee 
Start lying down with your chest on the floor.
Jump legs into a low squat.
Explosive jump up (clap at the top)
Round 3: 
Exercise A: Super Girls 
Start lying on your stomach with your arms and legs extended and shoulders and chest raised off the floor.
Lift the chest and in a swimming motion sweep the arms towards your butt, squeezing the shoulder blades together.
Exercise B: In/Out Drop Squats 
Start in a low squat position.
Jump legs together, standing tall, squeezing your glutes.
Round 4: 
Exercise A: Ice Skaters (20 e/side, 10 e/side etc)  
Start balancing on your left leg, with the left leg slightly bent.
Jump to the right balancing on the right leg, slightly bent.
Exercise B: High Plank Spider Abs (take left knee to left arm, then left knee to right arm, repeat on other side) (20 e/side, 10 e/side etc) 
Start in a plank position.
Bring your left leg towards your elbow, crunching your obliques.
Return to a plank position.
Bring the left leg toward the right elbow.
Repeat with the right leg.
Repeat all.
After 20 minutes of this sweaty session you will be on your way to the ultimate Urban Warrior Body!
Enjoy Xx

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