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Posted on 11 September 2014


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of catching up with the gorgeous Lauren Hannford. Lauren is a tonne of fun and always up for a challenge which is what makes her instagram so inspiring (seriously! look at some of the moves she can do!) and what made her so much fun to shoot with. She definitely embodies an ' Urban Warrior' which is the focus of our Spring 2014 collection. I can't wait to catch up again!

Sasha Xx

Tell us a bit your yourself and your fitness journey, why fitness?
I have always been a fit and active person throughout my life. It started from the age of 5 when I became an elite gymnast which continued for the next 20 years. Throughout that time i've also competed in swimming, athletics and diving. Other than gymnastics I took a real liking to athletics.... Triple jump in particular. I had a battle for a while about maybe taking myself out of gymnastics and focusing my time on becoming an Olympic triple jumper but  in the end I chose to continue on with my gymnastics and haven't looked back.

After retiring I became a gymnastics coach for many years and also wanted to focus on fitness training specifically so that I could combine the two which got me into becoming a Personal Trainer. I have since spent the last 4 years touring the world as a Wiggly gymnast/dancer/character for The Wiggles. Being away so much I then had to be able to find time and locations for my training. This fit me perfectly because with my kind of training/coaching can be done anywhere. Whether it be the carpark of the Hammersmith Apollo Theatre in London on under the stage of the Best Buy Theatre on Broadway NY by doing interval body weight exercises incorporating HIIT and core gymnastics exercises and skills I managed to be able to train anywhere and stay fit throughout the whole time being on the road.I am based back in Sydney at the moment and ready to train anywhere in this beautiful city.

What’s your active life mantra?
 'Live. Love. Move.'
Live - Whatever you are doing make it about living and making the most of your life. 
Love - Always do things positively and with love.
Move - No matter what you are doingmake an effort to move your body and you will be one move closer to living a healthy active life.
They are all positive words so if we are thinking about these things in our day to day life in a positive way then you are on your way to the best version of ourselves.
What are the top 5 songs on your workout playlist right now? 
  • Lay me down - Avicii 
  • Ghost (Oliver Nelson remix) - Ella Henderson
  • Nobody to love - Sigma
  • Only love can hurt like this - Paloma Faith
  • Amnesia - 5 seconds of summer.

Listen to Loz Hannaford's Workout Mix Now!

Who is your biggest fitspiration?
Biggest fitsporation hmmmm to be honest I have never really had one I guess, being fit has always been such a huge part of my daily life and I have always focused on being the best I could be and training hard to be happy and content with where I was at and with who I am. I'd then use that as motivation to continue to be able to push myself and achieve what I wanted to achieve.
Can you share a quick ab workout?
A quick ab workout okay here we go:
20 V-snaps
20 dish rocks
15 straight leg levers
15 Bent leg oblique levers
10 bent leg butt lifts
15 second dish flutters
10 second dish hold
now you'll be rolling around on the floor in agony wondering why we ever want to do abs hahah ;)
Tip- Always stretch out the muscles afterwards. I love the foam roller!
We always love a great smoothie recipe, what’s your go to smoothie?
Mine isn't anything too extravagant, I just have some chocolate protein a frozen banana and some chia seeds in a blender or I go for the fresh juice option of pineapple, orange, apple and ginger.
Where are your favourite healthy cafes in Sydney?
There are so many amazing cafes to go to in Sydney but I do love Pure Bronte Pistachio and Cafe Salina in Bronte, Coogee Pavilion in Coogee or The Grounds in Alexandria.
Favourite 3 Vie Active pieces?


Lauren Hannaford :)


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