Rosie Huntington Whitley's Healthy Living Guide

Posted on 18 August 2014

Rosie's How to's on a Taut, Toned Physique

RHW attributes her fantastic figure to PT James Duigan. 'James knows exactly how I want my body to look: lean, taut and strong, yet soft, curvy and feminine'. She works out 4-5 times a week and thinks the key to keeping fit is incorporating different types of exercise, Her favourites are Vinyasa Yoga, Barre, Hiking and Resistance Training.

  • Yoga is a really important part of Rosie's workout routine, It allows her body to rest and improves flexibility
  • Rosie's ab advice: To get flat abs you need to focus on exercises such as planks that get you to tighten and lengthen your abs rather than shorten them. So swap crunches for leg lifts and sit ups for planks.
  • HIIT Training is a great way to work your entire body and start to incorporate weights, think burpees and then kettlebell swings. Here's a great leg workout to get your heart racing and your legs a little leaner!

Rosie's How to's on Glowing Skin

  •  Take Fish Oil: Taking a Fish Oil Supplement once a day helps reduce inflammation and redness in the skin (It also helps keep body fat down)
  • Chlorella: Add Chlorella to your water in the morning and last thing at night, it helps flush toxins out of your system to clear up skin faster.
  • Do Vinyasa: A Major part of having glowing skin is exercise. Exercise helps flush toxins, keep skin taut and bright. Vinyasa Yoga is great as it massages your internal organs and gets you sweaty- that means faster toxin removal
  • Add Some Glow: Feeling healthy and positive is just as important as looking it. According to Huntington-Whiteley, applying a little self-tan makes her both “look and feel sexier, healthier and more confident”.
  • Snack Smart: Rosie makes sure she snacks on foods that help her skin glow! She is a big fan as Acai and has a smoothie named after her at Duigan's Bodyism gyms containing camomile and rosehip which are both very calming for the skin.Here are our favourite healthy snack suggestions!

Rosie's How to's on Eating Well

Rosie is a big fan of smoothies, especially those using James Duigan's superfood powders to get extra nutrients into her day. Her top 5 picks are:

  • The Morning Digestion Fix: Stick four sticks of celery, half a cucumber, two carrots, one lemon, one thumb of ginger into your juicer and drink first thing.
  • The Sleep Booster: Blend a 200ml glass of rice milk, a handful of cashew nuts, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a scoop of Bodyism's Serenity, which blends sleep inducing rosemary, liquorice root, hops, oats and chamomile.  
  • The Post Workout Shake: Blend a 200ml glass of almond milk, a third of a cucumber, one apple, one scoop of Bodyism's Protein Excellence Vanilla, and ice.  
  • The Anytime Shake: Blend a 300ml glass of coconut water, one cup of frozen raspberries, one kiwi and a bunch of mint leaves
  • The Sweet Healthy Treat: 200ml of CoYo coconut yoghurt, half a cup of frozen mixed berries, one banana, one tablespoon of agave nectar and one teaspoon of vanilla extract.  
  • Our favourite is Duigan's Body Brilliance Protein Powder with a mix of chocolate and greens, a delicious post workout energy hit!


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