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Posted on 08 August 2014

Have you ever stood in the grocery store or stared at a restaurant menu for an unnecessarily long time because you find it so difficult to make a decision? Or do you prefer to just pass off any decision making responsibilities to someone else as you find the thought of it intimidating?
Dubai based Vie Activist and STOTT Pilates instructor, Elisha Elliott couldn't make up her mind about the most simple of decisions. She tells us how she became inspired to take her future and habit of being indecisive into her own hands through the power of envisioning her future. 
I am a Gemini therefore I cannot make decisions. I repeat this statement often. I truly believe my star sign is a valid excuse for shirking both major and minor life decisions. 
Those close to me can attest to this ‘delightful quirk’, and know better than to leave me to pick restaurants, let alone a meal once I arrive, and have saved me many times via text when I’ve been holed up in clothing stores clutching identical items in varying colours with no idea which one to buy. 
I vividly remember my first attempt at grocery shopping after returning to Australia from an exchange trip to Japan. I stood in the dairy isle, staring at yoghurt, for over an hour. An hour! I could blame jetlag, or the fact that the guy stocking said dairy isle was super cute, but really, it all comes down to my inability to narrow down what I really wanted. I did end up dating dairy guy, but, I digress . . . 
I met Leigh Campbell during my brief stint at Shop Til You Drop magazine. Before I was a STOTT Pilates instructor trainer, I lived in Sydney, studied journalism, and had grand plans to be the next editor of Vogue. Leigh has been a #womancrush since before hashtags were invented, and it is she, well more precisely her blog, that has inspired this post. One of her most recent writings ( talks about manifestation; the idea that if you clearly visualise and then list, via a written journal or a collection of images, the things you’d really like to attract in your life, you will get them. 
I’ve read the secret and made one vision board about 6 years ago (side note: I do recall it had a lot of sun and sand images . . . and I now live in Dubai) but it’s certainly not something I actively focus on. And it was whilst reading of the wonderful things she has attracted to her life that a thought struck me: what sort of muddled wish list must I be sending to the universe if I so often allow others to choose for me? It’s like asking the waiter to bring you something good, only to have him return with prime rib and you are a vegetarian. 
So, my project this week is to make a vision board of the goals I have for the next 12 months. What I’d like in a partner. What I’d like in my life. And Vie’s, I encourage you to do the same. Spend a quiet night in, put pen to paper, or pretty picture to board, and start mapping out the way you’d like your world to look. Sometimes it’s nice to hand over the reigns of your life (and the waiter at Roberto’s did pick an incredible 
dessert for me last night!) but in the end, taking the time to know yourself is surely a step towards happiness.

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