Vie Active Workout Series Part V: Surfing

Posted on 02 August 2014

As the end of the month of our Vie Active Workout Series closes, our resident surfer girl, outdoor adventurer and Vie Activitist, Chelsea Yamase takes over our final workout series by inspiring us to move and challenge our bodies in a different way while enjoying the great outdoors. She takes us through the final workout that will be sure to test your strength and balance, getting your body ready to stand up on that surfboard and ride the waves. 
1. What are the health and fitness benefits of surfing?
Surfing is an amazing upper body and core workout. Paddling targets your deltoids, triceps, and trapezius muscles while actually surfing on the wave provides short bursts of cardio. 
2. What are your favourite pre and post surf-workout snacks?
I love bananas and coconut water for a pre workout potassium boost to avoid muscle cramps plus a hand full of almonds for energy. Post workout a smoothie with lots of greens, a scoop of Greek yogurt for protein, and chia seeds. 
3. What are you surfing accessory essentials to ensure you are equipped for this type of workout?

A surfboard, sunscreen, towel, rashguard and wax.

4. What are your 5 favourite exercises to get your body into the best shape for surfing?

Mountain Climbers
Lower yourself down to a push up position on your hands and toes. While in this position, alternate bringing knees toward chest, keeping your body as stable as possible with hips low, hands on floor and back flat. This will give you a good cardio workout, fire up your abs and work your shoulders. 
Perform 3 sets of 45 seconds each.

Plank Pose
From push-up position, bring in your hands to be directly underneath your shoulders. Make sure your weight is distributed to your toes and forearms keeping your body in a straight line. Draw your abs in, glutes contracted to avoid your butt dipping and back flat.
Hold for 3 sets of 1 minute each.

Side Plank Pose
From plank position turn your body to shift weight to one hand and the sides of your feet. Engage your core, contract glutes and lift your hip to make sure your body stays in a straight line. For an added challenge you can lift one leg. Hold for 30 seconds before lowering yourself back to plank position to swap to the other side. Give this exercise a go to tone your glutes, abs and shoulders and also test your balance. 
Hold a side plank twice on each side for 30 seconds. 

Bicycle Crunches 
Lying on your back, elevate your legs and shoulders off the ground. Alternate extending each leg and bring opposite elbow to meet your knee, really squeezing those abs. Try not to let your lower back arch off the ground.
Complete 3 sets of 1 minute each.

Standing Kicks
Standing straight, squeeze your glute to kick your leg back from the hip. Perform 20 kicks directly behind you for each leg, then complete 20 side kicks where you move your leg outwards to the side of your body.


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