Our Ten Tips for City 2 Surf Success

Posted on 04 August 2014

The City to Surf is one of Sydney's biggest fitness events each year and the 14km run ends in Bondi! Where Vie Active was born and designed! Taking on this mega run is loads of fun (we try and run it every year!) but also requires training and preparation. You also want to make sure you rest and recover post race, so you can get back to training as normal afterwards. As avid runners and regular City 2 Surfer's we have complied our top 10 tips for City 2 Surf success along with our PT Ambassador Libby Babet.

1. Check your Shoes

Whilst we love a chic running shoe, it is very important you don’t sacrifice comfort (and protection) for style! Your runners have to be functional, not just fashionable. There’s a lot out there in terms of running technology, and everyone’s foot is different! Whilst barefoot running shoes or gel supported runners might benefits some of you, for others they could put you out of the game for weeks. Before your run, get assessed and fitted by a specialist to ensure you have the perfect shoe.

2. Train in your Gear

We completely condone, and encourage spoiling yourself with new kicks and a new outfit so you feel your best on the day, but don’t keep your gear in the box until you run. Train in your gear before the day so you can make sure there will be no adjusting, itching, rubbing or anything else distracting you from your run. From first hand experience, buying new shoes and only wearing them on the day is a very very bad idea!

3. Style your Look

Like we said, we completely condone investing in a new outfit for the run! Nothing makes us feel more confident, strong and happy than new gym gear! Our top picks for the race include -

  • Our Vie Active Signature Trucker Cap, Perfect for keeping your hair back, the sun out of your eyes and protecting your skin (Plus it's a super stylish accessory).
  • Lisa Merino Racerback Tank, Merino is your perfect running companion, it is moisture wicking and temperature regulating which means a cooler, less sweaty and a very comfy race for you.
  • The Tanya Dance Short, The compression fabric holds everything in place and is moisture wicking, so sweat wicks away and everything stays in place, for less fidgeting and adjusting mid race.
  • Life Waterbottle, Re hydrating throughout the race is essential, bringing your own water bottle means you don't get caught at the drink stations along the way.


4. Stick with your usual Pre Run Meal

This one’s important – race day is not the time for experimentation. No matter what’s usually on your plate, that exact meal is the “perfect” fuel for your run on City2Surf day. Putting something exotic/new/different on your plate before one of the biggest races of the year might result in a protesting gut, or more toilet stops than usual… and that is definitely not cool! Go for foods you know your body can digest comfortably and keep it pretty light. A meal that contains a little carb and some protein are perfect and unless you’re well practiced at running with a full stomach, make sure you eat a few hours away from your start time.

Poached eggs, avo and soy linseed toast is the perfect mix of good fats, carbs and protein (skip the bread if running on a full stomach makes you queasy).

5. Don't Mix Your Drinks During the Race

We’re talking mixing sports drinks with other things here, which is a really bad idea during a long run or race. For example, sports drinks + water can result in a diluted solution in your digestive system, which slows the absorption of carbs and leaves you short on energy mid-race. On the other hand, mixing sports drinks with gels or other energy boosting products is not gonna end well, unless you love visiting portaloos! If you need a little mid-race hydration, stick to either water or one sports drink.

6. Warm up Properly

A few quick hints if you don’t have time to watch: On race day, start your warm-up with a slow 5-10 minute jog and a little mental prep, then move on to some dynamic stretching/movement (walking lunges, high knees, butt kicks, side-skips, knee kickouts) and finally, mark out 50-100m and run some speed builds. Now ditch your warm gear and get ready to rumble.

7. Pace Yourself

Don’t go out too hard… the worst thing you can do is start the race at a sprint, desperately try to hang on to some semblance of pace through the middle and then do the “survivor’s shuffle” at the end/over the finish line. Ideally, you want plenty left in the tank by the time you crest Heartbreak Hill. In basic terms, you want to go out a bit slower (don’t worry if loads of people are passing you), pick up your pace through the middle of the run and finish with your strongest/fastest leg of the race.

8. Cool down Effectively

Try to target the calves, quads, hammies, hips, glutes, core and back after a long run. We even suggest a spot of yoga at Bondi to get a complete stretch.

9. Re-fuel/ re-hydrate

Now your done it's time to refuel and rehydrate! We recommend a post workout protein shake (nothing too heavy)!

10. Come See us

Finally, Come visit our Bondi store at 82 Gould st, across from the Earth Food Store (Lots of yummy post race treats there!). We'll have some post race treats of our own for you as well as a free gift with purchase for any City 2 Surf runner and free shipping, so you don't have to carry your new clothes home (if you don't want!)

Enjoy the race! See you Afterwards!


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