Vie Active Workout Series Part IV: Weights

Posted on 24 July 2014

Time and time again we have heard ladies say they are afraid to lift weights because they don't want to look like a body builder. In Part IV of our Workout Series, Vie Activist and owner of AGOGA gym based in Bondi, Libby Babet, sheds the truth on why lifting weights is so great for the female figure, why regularly doing weights won't make us look like a body builder and shows us some of her favourite strength exercises to achieve those toned legs and arms you have always wanted. 

What are the benefits of a weights workout?
Toned limbs, flat abs and easier weight loss are just the start. Working out with weights will also make sure your bones stay healthy and your body stays limber and injury-free. It’s also a really motivating way to track your progress. Oh and you’ll be able to easily shoulder your own suitcase on your next holiday, without having to rely on man-power... girls trip anyone?!

What are the best pre and post workout snacks for a weights session?
Pre-workout: a few simple carbs will really help you get the most out of a heavy weights workout, so snack on half an apple or banana, or sip on some fresh coconut water. If you’re a coffee drinker, a short black can give you a turbo boost too, but ditch the milk for max benefits.
Post-workout: protein and some more complex carbs will do the trick here, but avoid too many fats, as they’re not metabolised very well after a big weights sesh. If you’re a smoothie fan, whip yourself up a protein shake (I love Sunwarrior choc flavour) with a little frozen fruit thrown in for good measure (half a banana would be perfect). If you prefer something more solid, a few poached eggs on a slice of sprouted bread would be ideal, or hit up a chicken salad with plenty of greens and some pumpkin, sweet potato, or brown rice tossed through.

Why are your gym bag essentials to ensure you're equipped for a weights workout?
Definitely a towel and a comfy, baggy-ish singlet that makes me feel a little bit grungy and hardcore, like the Lisa Merino Racerback Tank! Also make sure your shorts are tight, or go for leggings... nobody wants to see your knickers when you perform a deep squat!
What are your 5 favourite weight exercises that can be done at home/gym/park for a mini workout?
Although I love weights, I’m not a “lift super heavy” gal who wants to train with a full-on squat rack, I’m into free weights, like ViPR, cables, TRX, dumbbells and kettlebells. 
Try these 5 x functional moves with dumbbells (I’d use a 6-8kg pair but start 
around the 3-5kg mark if you’re just starting out).
• 10 x Squat-Press 
• 10 per side x Plank-Row to Spider Knees
• 10 x Curtsey Lunge to Dumbbell Bicep Curl
• 10 per side x Weighted 1-Leg Hip Raises
• 10 x DB Ski Swings
Now rest for 30-60s and go again, for a total of 4-5 rounds!

10 x Squat and Press
10 per side x Plank-Row to Spider Knees

10 x Curtsey Lunge to Dumbbell Bicep Curl

10 per side x Weighted 1-Leg Hip Raises

10 x DB Ski Swings

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